Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 871

Chapter 871: A Hint That Cost Her Life (16)

"I've already told you, Song Qingchun and yourself, there can only be one who survives. Since you chose to save Song Qingchun this morning, you should know how your ending will be"

The woman paused before shaking her head disappointedly. "To be honest, Tang Nuan, I really didn't want to take your life because you're still useful to me, but unfortunately, you've overheard things you shouldn't and have attempted to record it to expose me so I'm sorry, I will have to kill you."

A viciousness flashed across the woman's eyes, and she picked up her phone to call a number.

The recording has already been deleted, there goes my only evidence and perhaps even my life but I cannot allow myself to die like this

Before her consciousness completely shattered, Tang Nuan turned her pupils to look around her surroundings. Her eyes eventually settled on the bangle left on the coffee table. Her eyes shined as she reached out in a hurry to hook that bangle across the table to her.

This is an accessory that the woman likes. Even if I die, I will drag her down with me! Tang Nuan used every ounce of energy she had left to shove the bangle onto her wrist.

Five minutes after the woman hung up on her phone, a man walked into the room. The two shared a quiet conversation before the man picked Tang Nuan up and left the bungalow rapidly. Tang Nuan was placed inside the driver's seat of her own car. The car door was locked, and the ignition was on.

Tang Nuan tried to step on the brakes, but the brakes had been tampered with. The car kept increasing in speed along the quiet street of the night. The only thing Tang Nuan could do was keep turning the steering wheel to avoid running into the corners and rails.

She finally managed to pull into a perfectly straight road. However, she could see clearly the world around her changing. She knew that she would run into something soon, and her life would end.

She used the last bit of energy left in her to pull out her phone. She wanted to call the police, but all her fingers could do then was tremble uncontrollably. Her fingers landed on the keys, but they were not powerful enough to key in any numbers.

The car continued to gather speed. It was about 180 kilometers per hour now. The front of the car was slightly titled, and she was going to run into the bridge before her.

She could see Death waving at her, and many images flashed before her eyes. She knew those were the effect of the hallucinogens. Her breathing became increasingly fast. She had given up on calling the cops. With a grit of her teeth, she pressed on Qin Yinan's picture with her shaking fingers.

It was an icon she had saved on the home page for emergencies.

The call went out. Inside the cramped space, she could hear the sound of the dial tone. She didn't make this call to ask for help; she knew that was already too late. She just wanted to hear his voiceeven just a "hello" would have been enough. If she still had enough energy left in her, she wanted to give him a sincere "I'm sorry" and perhaps even a "happy marriage".

The phone continued to ring, but Qin Yinan didn't pick up.

Her car got closer and closer to the bridge.

Tang Nuan prayed vehemently, but at the seventh ring, the call was suddenly ended.

Qin Yinan didn't answer her phone; no, more precisely, Qin Yinan had hung up on her