Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 872

Chapter 872: A Hint That Cost Her Life (17)

A single tear fell from Tang Nuan's eyes. He still hasn't forgiven me

There were only several hundred metres left until the car hit the bridge. Tang Nuan, in the last moment of her life, suddenly remembered something. With a clarity of motion that surprised herself, Tang Nuan opened Whatsapp to find Song Qingchun's name and pressed the record button. "There is recorder purse"

The incredible speed of the car and the hallucinogens caused Tang Nuan to slur. She could only get out these few words before the car crashed.

The phone slipped from Tang Nuan's hand, and the message was sent out after her finger left the record button. The pain surging through the body overwhelmed the effect of the hallucinogens, and it caused clarity to return for that brief moment before death.

Her breathing became shorter and shorter. She could sense her life force leaving her body.

Instead of despair, she felt regretful and sorry, especially sorry for the innocent child in her stomach.

There were many things that she wanted to do.

After gaining evidence on that woman, she was going to call Song Qingchun out for lunch and tell her everything she knew before apologizing sincerely to her.

She planned to dress beautifully to Qin Yinan's wedding the next day. She wasn't going to stir the pot. She would have raised three glasses in his name: first to congratulate him on his wedding, second to wish him a happy marriage, third to pray for a lifetime of happiness for him. Then she would bid him farewell, one that he wouldn't know was going to be their last farewell. Finally, she would smile at him, apologize to him, and tell him she loved him internally.

She wanted to raise her child to become a respectable person. She would leave Beijing and begin a new life for herself overseas. She would impart all the lessons that she had missed to her child, to learn to be kind, to be tolerant, to not walk the wrong path she had trodden.

But now, none of those things were going to come true

Tang Nuan felt her eyelids getting increasingly heavy. She hated this feeling, but she couldn't resist it.

Didn't they say every person in the world deserved a chance at forgiveness?

She really did learn her lesson, but it was too late Perhaps God had never wanted to give her the chance to turn over a new leaf. However, He wasn't too bad. At least, He gave her the chance to leave behind a crucial hint in the last moments of her life.

It was a hint that cost her life, so she wished they would understand it.

Tang Nuan finally closed her eyes one last time, and her breathing stopped.

When Tang Nuan's call came, Qin Yinan was at his wedding location, preparing for the big event. The place was crowded and noisy. It was only after a reminder from the wedding planner that he realized his phone was ringing.

Qin Yinan advised them on the placement of his and Cheng Qingchong's wedding picture as he pulled out his phone. He glanced at the caller ID.

Tang Nuan.

He paused for a second before ending the call to continue his work. When Qin Yinan left the wedding hall, it was already 1 am.

In less than ten hours, he was going to begin a new chapter of his life. This was a wedding prepared for him and Song Qingchun, but in the end, the bride who walked down the aisle was not going to be her.