Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 877

Chapter 877: So We Can Be In Love (4)

Before the hostess could finish, the sound of a conversation broke through the white noise. "Su Zhinian, is this what you call discussing it with me?"

The crowd, who had been looking around, thinking it was an audio malfunction, slowly turned their eyes toward Su Zhinian.

Wait, isn't this my voice?

As this thought settled in Song Qingchun's mind, her own voice that was quivering with anger like she was holding a great ball of fury within her drifted into her own ears. "You've prepared everything, haven't you? It doesn't cross your mind to respect my opinion at all!"

About one second after Song Qingchun realized it was her who was talking on the audio, everything dawned on Su Zhinian. With just two sentences, he understood this was a recording of the conversation he had shared with Song Qingchun after they left the orphanage. But this was their private conversation, why would it be broadcasted at Song Empire's anniversary?

Su Zhinian frowned slightly when he heard a cold male voice in the audio. "Tingting, don't get too agitated"

The voice was warped in the audio, so even though Song Qingchun had just taken to the stage, the crowd still couldn't recognize it was her in the recording. However, since Su Zhinian was clearly named, everyone was certain this was him talking.

"You've seen for yourself how pitiable those children are, do you wish such a fate on our child?"

Child Su Zhinian has a child? The crowd's eyes that were already on Su Zhinian were filled with shock. Even Song Menghwa's eyes were widened with disbelief.

"How do you know our child will definitely be defective? Yes, the probability of the baby between siblings having congenital abnormalities is high, but it is not one hundred percent. What if the baby in my stomach is a healthy child, then how will you live with yourself?"

Before the public restored from this explosive news that Su Zhinian had a child, they were stunned by the news revealed by this female voice.

Siblings The person who is Su Zhinian's sibling

Some in the crowd had already caught onto the situation as their gaze moved from Su Zhinian to fall on Song Qingchun.

"Tingting, you said it yourself, what if? How can you be sure that we are the one in one thousand lucky ones?"

Song Qingchun by now finally realized this was a recorded conversation between her and Su Zhinian. She remembered their argument only got worse from there. Just as Song Qingchun wanted to say something to stop the recording, Su Zhinian's voice came through the speakers.

"Tingting, I really cannot force myself to stay my hand, knowing you're making a mistake. I cannot bring myself to see you get tormented for the rest of your life due to an unhealthy child. Next Wednesday, I will accompany you to Shanghai. No one will know us there, and I will be by your side throughout Please, for the sake of our future, Tingting, remove this child, okay?"

Her conversation with Su Zhinian had been heavily edited to only leave behind the important parts. Song Qingchun turned unconsciously around to glance at the man standing behind her. His lips were tense, and the iciness in his eyes was bone-chilling.

The people in the hall finally caught up to the whole situation at this point.

The 'Tingting' on Su Zhinian's lips actually referred to Song Qingchun.