Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 878

Chapter 878: So We Can Be In Love (5)

The audio continued, as if afraid that the people didn't know the 'Tingting' was actually Song Qingchun. However, the topic of conversation had shifted away from the child to the words of romance between Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian.

"Qingchun, I love you" Following Su Zhinian's promise, the audio continued to the sound of kissing and the hurried sound of breathing. The audio didn't seem like it was going to stop any time soon. The sound of kissing became more obvious, and there were even occasional salacious gasps and groans. The atmosphere at the hall became intensely awkward.

The hall was silent for about ten seconds after the audio finally stopped. Eventually, someone exclaimed in disbelief, "Oh my God, Song Menghwa's son and daughter are in an incestuous relationship!"

"That's so disgusting. They're biological siblings with the same father, but they had sex with each other?"

"Not only that, they have birthed a devil spawn from this disgusting relationship."

Following the first critique, the conversations continued and amplified until the hall became chaotic. The reporters outside the hall slowly came to, one after another. They continued to snap pictures as they rushed with renewed vigour into the hall.

The security guards were so caught off-guard by the revelations and the sudden burst of energy from the reporters that they were unable to stop the media. When they recovered, the reporters had already formed a circle around Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian.

"Mr. Su Zhinian, is it confirmed that you have a relationship with Miss Song Qingchun?"

"Miss Song Qingchun, do you mind clarifying about the baby in your stomach? Does it belong to Mr. Su Zhinian?"

"Mr. Su Zhinian, Miss Song Qingchun, do you understand the incestuous and immoral implication of your relationship?"

Facing the reporters' aggressive questions, Song Qingchun's face continued to pale. The first thing Su Zhinian did was pull Song Qingchun into his embrace and raise his hand to shield her face from the cameras.

"Good afternoon, the location where we're now is the City Clubhouse where Song Empire's anniversary is being held. The two people standing behind me are Mr. Su Zhinian and Miss Song Qingchun, and their shared father is the founder of Song Empire, Song Menghwa." Some of the reporters already started a live feed. "Just moments ago, an audio recording just exposed their incestuous relationship. From the recording, we know for a fact that Miss Song Qingchun is already pregnant, and the father is Mr. Su Zhinian."

The security guards slowly came to and rushed back to control the scene. The questions from the reporters' lips became more and more pointed and rude.

"I would like to know how Miss Song Qingchun and Mr. Su Zhinian ended up together! When was the first time you had sex with each other?"

"It is obvious that you two know that you share an incestuous relationship, so is the sex purely a shared experience between a healthy couple, or were you simply looking for the excitement from taking the forbidden fruit?"

The situation was messy as hell. Su Zhinian could feel the girl in his arms shivering uncontrollably.

An indescribable anger followed by heartache radiated from his figure.