Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Karma Is Always Watching 8
Chapter 88: Karma Is Always Watching (8)
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Song Qingchun knew Tang Nuan was feeling the same amount of despair she had felt when she returned to the company to realize all of her contacts had been stolen. The satisfaction Song Qingchun felt at that moment could not be put into words!

After the meeting was over, there was a long list of things to deal with. When Song Qingchun could finally take a breath, it was already 11 am. After a visit to the break room, Song Qingchun took a detour to the bathroom.

Song Qingchun walked to the innermost cubicle. Before she could pull open the door, the door beside her swung open. Subconsciously, Song Qingchun turned to look, and Tang Nuan was walking out of it.

Perhaps it was destiny because the two times she had met with Tang Nuan alone happened in the bathroom.

When Song Qingchun left the cubicle, she was surprised to find Tang Nuan still there, talking on her phone in front of the mirror.

Through the mirror, Tang Nuan glanced at Song Qingchun, who was heading her way and purposely started speaking louder. "Yinan, I didn't drive to work today and going to the South City requires me to take the subway. That is so troublesome, can we fix another date instead"

It was the same old trick. Whenever Tang Nuan lost to her, she would pull out the Qin Yinan card. At this point, Song Qingchun only felt sorry for the girl

Song Qingchun twisted the tap to wash her hands. Through the sound of running water, she heard Tang Nuan's coquettish voice say, "Okay, then you come fetch me I might need to do overtime tonight, and it could last until 7 pm Okay, when you come, remember to bring me the roasted chestnuts that I like"

As Song Qingchun closed the tap and prepared to leave, she heard Tang Nuan say, "Goodbye."

After Tang Nuan hung up, she turned to look at Song Qingchun, who was in the middle of pulling out the paper napkins. When she was done drying her hands, Tang Nuan suddenly said, "Song Qingchun, you're not so bad after all!"

Song Qingchun took her back-handed compliment at face value and smiled at her. "Thank you."

Of course, Tang Nuan knew Song Qingchun did this on purpose. She turned her nose up and scoffed, "Song Qingchun, don't celebrate just yet. After all, the record of the most consecutive headlines at TW Station is still mine and not yours! My chances of winning the position of anchor-woman are much greater than yours!"

"Don't worry, things can still change."

Song Qingchun went about her business leisurely. After she tossed the used napkins into the waste basket, she turned to address Tang Nuan. The expression that faced Tang Nuan was unusually calm like she was delivering an unimportant categorical truth. "It won't be long until I become the most likely reporter to become the anchor-woman at this station again."

Tang Nuan was silenced by this sudden burst of confidence and insolence from Song Qingchun. Then, she looked Song Qingchun up and down as a thought was formed in her mind. Finally, she sneered, "Song Qingchun, I doubt you've not done anything scandalous to get the Manager to say yes to your piece within five minutes of seeing it! Furthermore, that piece is apparently also on Xia Ji"

As Tang Nuan continued, the more confident she became in her suspicion, "No wonder you can be so confident in saying you can become TW Station's anchor-woman, turns out it is due to salacious trades"

Song Qingchun interrupted, "Don't you worry about that, because if I am that capable, the first thing I will do is chase you, Tang Nuan, out of TW Station!"