Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 881

Chapter 881: So We Can Be In Love (8)

Why did Sir Song Menghwa suddenly become so energetic after listening to the recording?

Everyone present knew about Song Menghwa's frail condition, and he had been hospitalized several times already.

Even though the crowd had this question in their hearts, no one dared say anything, afraid that they might cause Song Menghwa to faint with the wrong question. They wouldn't want that crime be on their hands. So, after Song Menghwa's roar, they became totally silent as they turned their gaze back toward Su Zhinian, who was leading Song Qingchun toward the hall entrance.

Su Zhinian didn't stop, and this only angered Song Menghwa even more. He slammed his staff onto the floor angrily and continued to yell. "Su Zhinian, are you deaf I dare you to take one more step forward! Get yourself back here!"

Song Qingchun, who was held in Su Zhinian's arms, stopped. Since she stopped, after taking another small step forward, Su Zhinian had to stop as well.

"Come here!" Su Zhinian's refusal to turn again made Song Menghwa's orders become laced with unbridled fury. Song Qingchun, who was buried inside Su Zhinian's embrace, shivered uncontrollably when she heard Song Menghwa's forceful order. She unconsciously wanted to escape from Su Zhinian's arms to look at Song Menghwa. However, Su Zhinian hastily reached out to stop her.

What is she doing? Can't she see those reporters are just waiting for her to show her face? If she turns around, the world will only end in chaos!

Song Qingchun couldn't struggle away from Su Zhinian, so she pulled on his sleeves and whispered in a voice that was audible between the two of them only, "But Father is calling us"

Song Qingchun hadn't even finished when Song Menghwa's staff knocked into the floor again. "Su Zhinian, do you still see me as your father or not!"

Song Menghwa was probably really angry because his staff knocked into the table and caused the wine glass on it to topple over and crash to the ground with a crisp sound.

This is bad Song Qingchun's voice was anxious facing Su Zhinian's indifference. "Su Zhinian, Dad's body is not good. We mustn't anger him like this"

Su Zhinian pressed his lips. Eventually, he couldn't bring himself to ignore the girl's pleas, so he turned around, holding her in his arms.

Song Menghwa stood at the centre of the stage, holding his staff. Behind him stood the butler and Fang Rou, as well as Qin Yinan and Cheng Qingchong, who had wandered over to try to calm him down.

He glared at Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun, who were walking toward him, his expression as dark as the other side of the moon. This side of Song Menghwa, Song Qingchun had never witnessed in her life before. She was so scared that her limbs were cold, and her legs were shaking as she took one step after another toward her father.

She only glanced at Song Menghwa's stern face once before she quickly lowered her eyes and held her breath to wait for the storm to arrive.

Compared to her anxiety and nervousness, Su Zhinian was as calm as a stone in the river. He was at least one head taller than Song Menghwa. Even though he was the son and looked respectful on the surface, the majestic presence radiating off him was enough to swallow up Song Menghwa.

With his drawn face, Song Menghwa took his eyes off Su Zhinian to settle on Song Qingchun's face before moving to look at her stomach.