Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Karma Is Always Watching 9
Chapter 89: Karma Is Always Watching (9)
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After Song Qingchun had said everything she needed to, she glared at Tang Nuan before walking out the bathroom.

Song Qingchun, though, suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling in her chest, and she stopped. Even though she was indeed in an, at best, secretive contract with Su Zhinian, she did not get this news through some illegal channel.

Previously, when Song Empire was still going strong, Tang Nuan would dismiss her success as being due to her family's influence, and now that Song Empire was no longer there, Tang Nuan insinuated that she won simply because of her looks

Song Qingchun knew she should not lower herself to Tang Nuan's level, but she'd really had enough of Tang Nuan slandering her name as she pleased.

Song Qingchun stood facing away from Tang Nuan for half a minute before suddenly turning around to walk toward Tang Nuan. She first focused on Tang Nuan's face before her gaze slowly moved to her feet that were in ten-centimeter heels. "Tang Nuan, I heard that you have sprained your ankle?"

Tang Nuan was befuddled by this sudden observation. She stared at Song Qingchun quietly.

"In that case, you should not have worn heels that are so high, or could it be that you recovered so soon?" Song Qingchun questioned with a smirk.

She raised her eyes to look at Tang Nuan and exposed her scheme.

"In any case, you should have been more careful, aren't you afraid of being exposed when Qin Yinan comes to fetch you tonight and notices you in those shoes, which are definitely not suitable for one who has sprained her ankle?

"Therefore, Tang Nuan, if I were you, I would quickly go to the mall next door to buy a pair of flats, or else your little white lotus act might be uncovered sooner than you think! Of course, this advice is kindness out of the bottom of my heart; you do not need to thank me."

Song Qingchun then smiled a bright, toothy grin at Tang Nuan. As she turned to leave, the conversations she had with Qin Yinan the day before yesterday flashed in Song Qingchun's mind, and she looked over her shoulder at Tang Nuan and continued to rip into the other woman. "It was you who stole Qin Yinan's phone and disposed of it when he came to fetch you to the hospital, right?

Before Tang Nuan could push her excuse, Song Qingchun continued without missing a beat. "Now, there's no need to feed me your lies or even ask me to show you the proof. After all, we have been going around and around like this for years; we know each other's tricks too well, wouldn't you say?

"Therefore, Tang Nuan, you should really stop claiming I rely on my family background or my body whenever I win. Do you know how jealous you sound when you do that? Just imagine the impression you leave on others.

"To be honest, there is really no need for you to be jealous of me because based on the two examples I've just given you, don't they go to show that" Song Qingchun stared Tang Nuan right into her eyes and continued in regal tone. "in terms of shamelessness, I, Song Qingchun, am really no match for you, Tang Nuan!"

Through the course of Song Qingchun's speech, Tang Nuan's fists gradually tightened. Her manicured fingertips hurting the balls of her palms.

When she heard the last sentence, she finally lost it. Her hand flew upwards and swiped at Song Qingchun's face.

Tang Nuan's sudden and swift aggression startled Song Qingchun. She did not have the time to react, evade, or counter.

Just as Tang Nuan's hand was inches away from Song Qingchun's face