Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 9
Chapter 9: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (9)
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They'd all had a drink before the game began, so the atmosphere was high, and conversations flowed as smoothly as the wine.

Su Zhinian, who had a few drinks in him, still maintained his cold expression and reticence. Other than the few moves demanded to play the game, he was as still as stone. He was quite lucky that night and had already won a few rounds.

When they were going to start a new round, someone knocked on the door of their room. CEO Liang, who sat across from Su Zhinian, decided to use the downtime in between rounds to use the toilet, and so he stood up to open the door.

A pretty, young girl stood outside the door. Her facial features were small yet fine, framed by her long, dark hair. Her profile was smooth and soft, highlighting the brilliance in her shiny eyes.

This was a refreshing, youthful look that was rare in the world of business, so it startled CEO Liang. After a while, he finally came to and asked, "I'm sorry, Miss, but who are you looking for?"

CEO Liang had an answer in his heart. He believed she was here for Tang Nuo. Of the players that night, he was the most famous among the girls. His girlfriend, which changed with impossible speed, was always prettier than the previous one. Therefore, CEO Liang directly turned around and yelled, "Tang Nuo, there's a pretty girl"

Before CEO Liang could finish, the girl standing at the door parted her lips slightly to say in her level tone, "Good afternoon, I am here to see Su Zhinian, is he here?"

When CEO Liang heard the name 'Su Zhinian', he was visibly stunned. He thought he had heard wrongly. He whipped his head around to confirm it with the girl.

"Su Zhinian? CEO Su?"

CEO Liang blinked several times after the girl nodded. He turned back to yell, "Tang Nuo, my bad, it's not for you but CEO Su!"

When the players inside heard there was a pretty girl looking for Tang Nuo, their attention was already pulled towards the door, only Su Zhinian remained unmoved. He leaned back down his chair and pulled out his phone to play on his own.

To hear his name called out so suddenly, Su Zhinian's brows creased. He turned towards the door subconsciously and saw Song Qingchun in a red coat standing at the door.

The automated table had finished shuffling the tiles, and as the shuffling sound drew to a close, the room became unusually quiet.

Su Zhinian stared emotionlessly at Song Qingchun for about half a minute and just before everyone thought he was going to turn his head away and ignore the girl at the door, he suddenly closed his phone, and slowly stood up from his chair. He then told Tang Nuo, who was spectating the game, "Tang Nuo, stand in for me for a while." Then, he headed toward the door.

After Su Zhinian left with Song Qingchun, the conversations in the room began anew.

"Was I hallucinating? A woman came to look for CEO Su, and it was a pretty one"

"I have known CEO Su for so many years, and he has never even properly greeted a female guest before, much less had female company around him."

"I once thought CEO Su was gay because he is so averse to female contact, but who would have thought he would be friend with such a gorgeous beauty?"

"But are we sure they are friends? What is really their relationship? Lovers? Exes?"

"Then again, if you think about it, don't you think that girl is suspiciously familiar? I feel like I have seen her somewhere before"

This random observation silenced the gossipy discussion on the game table. After half a minute, someone else concurred, "Now that you mention it, she does look awfully familiar"