Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Her Concern 1
Chapter 91: Her Concern (1)
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Tang Nuan's expression was more emotive and colorful than Song Qingchun's. She stared at the palm print on her face in the mirror for one whole minute before she realized what had happened.

She was going to slap Song Qingchun, so how come that slap landed on her own face instead?

The last memory she had was when her hand had almost reached Song Qingchun's face Then, everything else was blank until moments ago when the reality came back to her

Tang Nuan racked her brain, but there was simply a gap in her memory that she could not fill.

However, the fact was that there was only the two of them in the bathroom; she could not have slapped herself, so was the slap on her face delivered by Song Qingchun?

As the conclusion formed in her mind, Tang Nuan's face twisted in anger. She turned to glare fiendishly at Song Qingchun before dashing out of the bathroom with her hands covered over her face.

Song Qingchun was only one minute behind her, but the office was already a crazy mess.

Many people surrounded Tang Nuan to care about her and through the crowd, Song Qingchun could hear Tang Nuan claim through the tears, "She suddenly slapped me on the face, even though I did not do anything"

"This is too much! That Song Qingchun is such an arrogant prick. How can she assault people randomly like this!" Tang Nuan was a social butterfly in the company and was close to many colleagues, so when she voiced her grievance, many instantly came to her aid.

"That's right, no matter what, we shouldn't resort to violence! We must make her apologize!"

"Yes, apologize!"

Someone in the crowd caught Song Qingchun, who was returning to her office, and yelled at her, "Song Qingchun, how can you assault Tang Nuan like this?"

"That's right, you have crossed the line, quickly apologize to Tang Nuan!"

"That's right, apologize!"

Song Qingchun frowned facing the crowd's charges. Her eyes fell on Tang Nuan, and she asked, "Tang Nuan, are you sure I'm the one who assaulted you?"

"Song Qingchun, why do you have the guts to do it but not the guts to admit it? There was no one else in the toilet; if you didn't assault me, are you saying I slapped myself?"

As Tang Nuan pleaded her case, the tears fell like rain. She was as truly the embodiment of the wronged character in a telenovela. "Am I crazy? Why would I slap myself to frame you?"

Sister Wong, who was a senior at the company, advised her, "She's right, why would any sane person do that? Song Qingchun, since you're in the wrong, you should apologize. After all, we're all colleagues, why make this a bigger deal than it has to be?"

"That's right, you are in the wrong for this incident. Just apologize and we can put this behind us."

Despite the fact she did not slap Tang Nuan, even if she did, she would not apologize to Tang Nuan Song Qingchun lowered her gaze, ignored the crowd, and rushed into her office.

"What is she doing You dare to run even though you have assaulted someone? Get the Station Manager! Or we call the cops!"

"So, this is how the rich act? They really do look down on the rest of us! How can she just go around assaulting people like this!"

"So what if she's rich? The rich people can just hit people whenever they want? Tang Nuan, stop crying; we will definitely make her apologize to you today!"

"Her family is bankrupt; I really cannot stand her acting so prissy like this"

Song Qingchun stopped moving. She took a deep breath facing away from the crowd. Then, she turned around as she strode up to Tang Nuan.