Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Her Concern 2
Chapter 92: Her Concern (2)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Song Qingchun stared Tang Nuan in the eye and asked, "You agree to put this behind us as long as I apologize?"

In Tang Nuan's memory, Song Qingchun had always maintained an air of arrogance. During high school when girls purposely cut the front of their skirts shorter to chase the trend of the time, Song Qingchun was the only exception. This was because she was confident in her own beauty; she believed that even without the alteration to her clothing, she would be prettier than everyone else.

Perhaps this innate arrogance came from her family upbringing. However, it was not the grating type of arrogance; it was more of a self-confidence that impressed girls and boys alike.

Even though the Song family no longer held its former glory, and the halo of wealth around Song Qingchun had disappeared, it did not detract from her natural confidence, and one could not detect a trace of self-abasement on her.

To be honest, Tang Nuan had once been jealous of Song Qingchun, but when they were in their third year of high school, her jealousy had turned completely into hatred and disgust. Even in her dreams, she would pray to see Song Qingchun begging her on her knees.

Therefore, at this moment, she really wished to have Song Qingchun apologize to her in front of so many people.

Tang Nuan nodded at Song Qingchun slightly with her hands still covering her face.

Song Qingchun nodded in return to signal her understanding. Then, her gaze swept the room of colleagues who stood watching and repeated what she'd said before. "We can all agree to put this behind us as long as I apologize?"

The whole room was dazed by Song Qingchun's unusual calmness for about three seconds before the people in the crowd started to nod.

"Good." Just as Song Qingchun finished the word, she suddenly raised her hand to slap at Tang Nuan's left face that was not covered.

The crisp slapping sound reverberated through every corner of the office and made the roomful of people widen their eyes in shock. Even Tang Nuan had a hard time registering what was happening.

Song Qingchun looked at Tang Nuan chillingly and opened her lips to exclaim with authority, "I will never deny the things that I have done, but I will also never admit to things that I have not. Since everyone wants me to apologize for having slapped you, then fine, I will apologize! However, before that, the thing that you want me to apologize for has to be made true!"

Song Qingchun was not too slow nor too fast in her speech, and her every word fell on everyone's ears. Everyone could pick up the regal undercurrent in her tone. The whole office was eerily quiet except for her voice.

"Therefore, Tang Nuan, now I officially apologize to you; I am sorry!"

Song Qingchun paused slightly. "Also, Tang Nuan, don't think I don't know the true reason behind those words that you said in the toilet. You are angry the front page is going to me, aren't you?

"Initially, I wanted to let you see why you have lost when the papers are published, but since you want to be face slapped by me so soon, then so be it! There are only six words in my piece, and they are"

Song Qingchun repeated the six words she had received in the message. "Xia Ji is a drug addict!"

The whole office was stupefied by Song Qingchun's revelation.

Xia Ji is a drug addict? The Xia Ji who has been doing charity work for anti-drugs NGOs and other campaigns is a drug addict?