Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Her Concern 4
Chapter 94: Her Concern (4)
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Su Zhinian's sudden reaction startled both the driver and Cheng Qingchong.

The two of them stared at Su Zhinian, who had used the document to cover his entire head from the rear-view mirror. Their gazes were filled with confusion, and as they shared a look with each other, Cheng Qingchong asked cautiously, "CEO"

"Get out!" Su Zhinian ordered immediately the moment Cheng Qingchong began her question.

Get out? She had been sitting quietly in the car and had not said or do anything wrong, right?

Cheng Qingchong was dazed for two seconds before turning her head around to look at Su Zhinian with some degree of bewilderment.

The man's face was completely hidden behind the paper document, and she had a hard time seeing his expression, much less studying his thoughts.

Cheng Qingchong's first reaction was to reflect on her own recent tasks. After she confirmed she had not done anything wrong in her work, she once more opened her lips to say, "CEO Su"

"Stop the car!"

Su Zhinian once more spoke over her, but this time, his tone was much harsher than before. It carried with it an authority that could not be dismissed.

The driver instinctually stepped on the brake when he heard the order.

Su Zhinian did not give Cheng Qingchong or the driver any chance to speak as he pointed out the window and ordered in a frosty tone, "Get out of the car!"

The driver shared another look with Cheng Qingchong, and this time, it only lasted for three seconds before Su Zhinian's cold voice began again. "Don't let me repeat it for the third time!"

The driver and Cheng Qingchong inhaled involuntarily as they unfastened their seatbelts and jumped out of the car as if it was going to explode.

Su Zhinian clambered out of the back door with the document still covering his face and ordered Cheng Qingchong, who was standing there shaking in the middle of the road, "Cancel all the schedule today," before he jumped into the driver's seat and slammed on the gas pedal before even putting on the seatbelt.

As the wintry wind swept over their bodies, Cheng Qingchong and the driver stood right in the middle of traffic and watched the car drive away. They then stared at each other for quite some time before retreating back to the safety of the sidewalk. One hailed for a cab while the other called the clients to apologize.

When Song Qingchun left the office at 5 pm, before she reached the company entrance, she saw the handsome Qin Yinan leaning against his car through the glass window.

Song Qingchun also saw Tang Nuan, who had walked through the revolving door, stop in her footsteps unconsciously.

Qin Yinan's focus had been on the entrance, so when he saw the exiting Tang Nuan, he straightened up immediately. When Tang Nuan looked his way, he raised his hand to wave at her.

As Tang Nuan walked close to her, Song Qingchun noticed the warm smile that hung on Qin Yinan's face immediately turn hard and dark as his hand carefully and lovingly examined the bruise on Tang Nuan's face.

Even though Song Qingchun could not hear what Qin Yinan was saying, she could see the anger and pain in expression.

Song Qingchun had known him for over two decades, and she had never seen anger flit across his features. No matter how ridiculous the other person was acting, he would always maintain a sane mind and kind smile, but now he was obviously incensed when he noted the palm print on Tang Nuan's face.