Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Her Concern 5
Chapter 95: Her Concern (5)
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Song Qingchun stood in the company lobby, studying Qin Yinan and Tang Nuan through the window without blinking. She took in how Qin Yinan helped Tang Nuan with the door, helped her tie the seatbelt, and finally helped her wipe away the tears on her face It was not until Qin Yinan's car was long gone that Song Qingchun finally came to. Her weak gaze fell on the revolving door for quite some time before taking the steps to leave the company.

Beijing, at that hour, was in its night-time rush. Afraid that she was unable to reach Su Zhinian's bungalow before 7 pm, Song Qingchun purposely chose to take the subway.

She was quite lucky that day because a seat was vacated for her only after a short period of standing.

Standing in front of her were two girls, they looked to be two to three years younger than her. They were most likely in university, and one of them had probably just suffered a break-up because the other girl was consoling her. "From how I see it, you should have given up a long time ago. If he really liked you, he would have accepted you eons ago and not used the exam as a reason to stall."

The other girl was quiet, but her eyes were welling up.

The girl continued consoling. "I know you might not want to hear this, but good medicine is always bitter. You told me you two started flirting during the first year of university, and we are in the fourth year now. Just how many years do you wish to waste on him before you are ready to accept the truth?"

The two girls got off before Song Qingchun, and after they left the train, Song Qingchun could still hear the girl's kind and meaningful advice. "You have to understand that feelings cannot be forced. No matter how hard you try to change or improve yourself, forcing a relationship will never work. When it will happen, it will happen; love is not that difficult Why are you making yourself go through all this unnecessary agony?"

After the train door closed, Song Qingchun could no longer hear the girls, but the advice that the girl gave was swirling around her mind.

Forcing a relationship will never work. When it will happen, it will happen; love is not that difficult Why are you making yourself go through all this unnecessary agony?

Following that, the thought of giving up that had cropped up in her mind after she received the apology call from Qin Yinan a few days ago once more returned to her mind.

When she reached Su Zhinian's bungalow, it was only 6:30 pm. There was still half an hour until 7 pm, so Song Qingchun made a beeline to her bedroom to rest.

Her joy from snatching the headline dissipated completely as the panoramic scenes between Tang Nuan and Qin Yinan scrolled through her brain.

After some contemplation, she opened her computer and logged into her email.

There were 99 emails in her inbox, and they were her correspondence with Qin Yinan when he was in the military. Initially, when he was not granted communication access, they communed via email alone. Later, after when he was allowed to have a cell phone in the barracks, they switched to phone messages and stopped emailing. However, the emails that he had sent her earlier, she kept them all. In the past few years, she had lost count of the number of times she had pulled them up to read when she was feeling extraordinarily alone at night.

Today, she witnessed with her own eyes the angry side to Qin Yinan, whom she had not seen get mad before. It had looked like he was ready to face the whole world to avenge Tang Nuan.

Obviously, Qin Yinan really, really liked Tang Nuan Perhaps even more than he claimed.