Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Her Concern 8
Chapter 98: Her Concern (8)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Su Zhinian's bedroom was large, and the light falling in from the corridor only managed to illuminate the area near the door; the rest of the room was still shrouded in darkness.

Su Zhinian was practically hidden in the dark. Song Qingchun was unable to catch his expression. From his rough silhouette, Song Qingchun guessed his head was turned to look out the window. He looked like he was deep in thought.

Song Qingchun waited for a while. Noticing the Su Zhinian had no intention to speak, she uttered, "Mr. Su, I will be back later to pick up the plates."

The response to her words was merely silence. Song Qingchun did not stay and turned to walk out the door.

In her haste to escape Su Zhinian's lair, combined with the general dimness of the room, she tripped on something on the floor beside his bed. She yelped as she careened forward.

Hearing that, Su Zhinian sprung up from his seat and reached out to grab at Song Qingchun's wrist to catch her mid-fall.

Su Zhinian's grab altered Song Qingchun's forward momentum slightly to the left and instead of lurching forward, she fell back-first into the crook of his arm.

Su Zhinian's whole body tensed like he had been shot with electricity. His breathing even stopped.

As she came to, Song Qingchun lifted her head. Through the weak light streaming into the room, Song Qingchun could clearly see the strong line of Su Zhinian's perfect jaw. As she was slightly captivated by this dreamy view, Su Zhinian's gaze lowered, and their eyes met without warning.

She was unable to read the message in his eyes because he was facing away from the light, but she could feel the heat emanating from them.

Even though they were both clothed, she could sense the sturdiness of his muscular body, and she felt enveloped by the temperature radiating off his frame. She caught his manly scent through her every breath, and her heart incidentally skipped a beat.

Song Qingchun heard the man's normally level breathing turn excited, and the rushing of his breathing was exceptionally loud in the quiet bedroom.

Song Qingchun's heart was flustered and was pulled along by the man's ridiculously hectic breathing rhythm.

Time seemed to have stopped in that moment. After who knew how long, Song Qingchun blinked into consciousness, and her eyes that had gotten used to the darkness realized the curiosity that was on Su Zhinian's face.

She squinted subconsciously as she leaned in closer to study his face.

Her gentle breaths that caressed his face made his already enthusiastic hormones boil even more.

Su Zhinian sucked in a deep breath as he closed his eyes to calm himself down. When he did so, Song Qingchun's thoughts rushed into his mind. What's wrong with his face? Is that a palm print?

Su Zhinian's body froze, and his eyes burst open.

Did he get beaten up? Is that why he's wearing a sweater? To cover his face?

As her thoughts finished, Su Zhinian could hear her weak voice asking, "Mr Mr. Su, did you get into a"

Fight? Before Song Qingchun could squeeze out the last word of her question, Su Zhinian tossed her body roughly and forcefully out of his embrace.

"Get out!"

Song Qingchun, who almost fell off the bed, pouted wordlessly, then haphazardly climbed down from his bed and dashed out of his bedroom without argument.

Song Qingchun only sighed in relief when she reached the first floor.