Lord Xue Ying Chapter 548

Chapter 546: Sealing The True Deity Heart
Chapter 546: Sealing the True Deity Heart

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Within the consciousness, there was currently a flame lotus flower array diagram. Within it held the content of the seventh layer of cultivating the "Ten Apocalyptic Fire". Every single layer he comprehended would allow him to receive information regarding the next layer from the obelisk.

"Let's try and analyze it." A tiny man was currently by the side of the flame lotus flower, carefully looking and staring at it.

Originally, the complex flame lotus flower had many points which he could understand, and had been thrown to the side. He was just staring at the profound mysteries of 'World Deity Heart' within it. Very soon, under his inspection, the flame lotus flower had been greatly simplified, leaving behind some simple parts. This was information on the profound mysteries of World Deity Heart.

"So within this secret technique, the World Deity Heart is primarily meant for providing a nest to groom the flame?" The tiny man's eyes brightened.

Sometimes, changing a perspective might allow him to find out many rules from a seemingly random mess.


Within the Destruction Eden, the eight black-armored soldiers and three golden-armored captains might all be tyrannical in strength, yet they could only remain living here in loneliness forever. Such days were endless! Unless there was someone who could completely exterminate them. But what they were strongest in were their bodies. Their defenses were close to unparalleled, and so, they had lived for far too long

They were all staring at Xue Ying by the side with a strand of hope. This was a delight which they could count within the days of loneliness.

"Brat, it has been 2,000 years. Is it the case that you still have no heads or tails over it?"

"This is also done to make things difficult for you. Your realm is too low. You should wait until your realm reached the peak of stage four World Deity before coming again! By then, your chances will be greater."

The black-armored soldiers were all teasing him.

A black-robed Xue Ying was seated cross-legged there though, engrossed in his cultivation without being influenced at all.

"If you feel that there is no hope, then just give up. There's no point in trying so hard." the monkey muttered from the side.

"This brat Dong Bo, I've heard that he is being pursued on the outside. That's why he came here." a black-armored magma giant said, "If he was to be chased out, he would similarly die. Thus, he would not give up so easily."

"Not giving up will not change the final failure either."

"A stage three World Deity wanting to cultivate to the seventh layer, if he was to succeed, then I'll eat this axe into my stomach." A short old man declared.

As they chatted, time passed. Within the blink of an eye, Xue Ying had already entered this Destruction Eden for 3,000 years already.


Within the outer perimeter of the Lake Heart Island, Jing Qiu who was currently hiding and cultivating, was waiting as well. She had waited for so many years, yet her husband and father had yet to come out. But still, she knew from Xue Ying that everything was still safe. Thus, she could only endure and continue spreading his concentration on comprehending this true god weapon so as to disperse the anxiety in her.

A white-robed Jing Qiu was seated cross-legged. On her thighs, there was currently an emerald-colored sword placed on it. The sword was kept in a scabbard.

Jing Qiu was currently focusing in feeling this true god weapon. She was slowly refining it, though the difficulty of refining a 'true god weapon' was truly too high.


Within the true god weapon, it was a piece of void just like the 'Realm Heart' of a mortal realm. This piece of void contained countless profound mysteries of law that was being operated. Countless profound mysteries of law had ultimately formed an entity, and that was the figure of a emerald sword which contained a terrifying sharp edge and killing intent.

"So formidable." Jing Qiu's consciousness was lingering within, as if she was located in a vast ocean. This figure of the emerald sword was none other than the ocean.

The complete laws of the world, according to logic, should be at an equilibrium without any nature of retaliating. But the inner section of this true god weapon with its complete laws was actually filled full of killing intent an a nature of retaliating. It seemed much more complex than the ordinary laws of the world.

This was also why cultivation eden treasures were still commonly seen, with stage four World Deities having chances of getting it. Powerful existences would be able to refine them. This was also the reason why it was so hard to obtain a true god weapon which was truly used for battling!

The cultivation eden only had the creation of a world within.

And an offensive true god weapon would firstly, contain the transformation of the laws of the world. Next, it had a harsh demand on the materials used, so refining it became much harder.

"Weng weng weng~"

The divine sword within the scabbard was vaguely trembling with a terrifying killing intent fermenting within.

This was the killing intent of an entire world. The moment it was released, it was just like releasing the vast power of a vast world converged within the edge of a sword, hard and unbreakable.

"My realm isn't enough. I am unable to completely refine it, and am still in a need to improve it further." Jing Qiu thought. She was clear that her own encounters were good. Firstly, she had found the Heart Sword Diagram remnant piece. Now, she had a true god weapon which she could grasp. It had not been a long time after she became a stage four World Deity. Even though she could start comprehending the side Deity Hearts, she had not truly comprehended much of them. Compared to the old people like Monarch Mo Xue, her foundation was still lacking.


Within the inner section of the Lake Heart Island historical remin.

The cold young man Nine Yang Palace Head was seated cross-legged on a piece of enormous ice. He was frowning. Casually flipping his hand to take out an ink carving, this carving was of a woman being shackled. She was lightly caressing it.

"I am about to give up. Until now, I have yet to find my own dao. Living through these days feels very tired" Nine Yang Palace Head murmured to himself, "I feel like giving up, and to be free."

"But this true god weapon is a chance for me to open my own dao road. I must get it, I must!" Nine Yang Palace HEad's eyes were filled with fervor.


Xue Ying slowly opened his eyes, looking at the obelisk in front of him. He was sensing the obelisk, causing more information to be transmitted out. This was also the eighth layer cultivation technique of the secret technique.

Hua, Xue Ying stood up.

"Brat Dong Bo, are you prepared to give up?" The monkey was gnawing out.

"Giving up so fast? I thought you will still hold on until 10,000 years." Another short old man guffawed.

"I've already succeeded." Xue Ying started. He looked towards the stunned eight black-armored soldiers and three golden-armored captains, "and do hope for you all to inform the commander to prepare the next trial."


All of them were stunned.

This, how could this be possible

Ever since their master had left, the resources of the Destruction Legion remained the same, and would only become fewer over time. Thus, the demands were much harsher. And over this long period of time, there had never been stage three World Deities participating in the trials. Xue Ying had been the first stage three World Deity who came over to take the trials after the master of the Lake Heart Island left. The difficulty was originally very high, and from their opinion, the chances of success was practically almost impossible.

"The seventh layer of the Ten Apocalyptic Fire." Xue Ying spat out, causing a dull violet flame to rush out, causing the surrounding space to resound with 'chi chi chi'. The dull violet flame seemed quite beautiful from a distance away.

But the soldiers and captains from this Destruction Legion was clear of the power of this flame. IT might not be of any threat to them, but to most stage four World Deities, they would be heavily injured. Those who were better at survival could even be burned to nothingness.

"He actually succeeded." All of them looked at the flame being spurt out by Xue Ying.

"Short old man, did you not say that after he succeeded, you'll swallow your axe?" The monkey shouted out at that moment. The short old man blinked before opening his mouth to a very large extent. He then squeezed the axe he carried on his back into his mouth. And after swallowing it, 'gu lu', he had already swallowed it.

"Since I"ve said it, I'll do it." The short old man said crisply.

They were all either exclaiming in surprise or quarrelling. Amidst their dispute, a streamer came flying over. It was that violet-golden-armored commander wearing a black cape, sir commander. Sir commander descended and looked at Xue Ying, "Succeeded?"

"Yes." Xue Ying chuckled. Pointing out, a strand of dull violet flame appeared on his finger tip.

"Hmph, you think succeeding in this is worth being happy? You are still far off." The commander snorted. Extending his hand, 'hong long long~', a surging power appeared within the entire Destruction Eden. An endless power enveloped towards Xue Ying.

Xue Ying could feel everything becoming dark in front of him. His consciousness had become blur as the terrifying might enveloped and permeated into his body before forcibly sealing his true deity heart.

Following which, the power began retreating.

"This" Xue Ying felt puzzled and weird. It was simple for the other party to kill him, so why did he seal his true deity heart?

"But this feeling. " Xue Ying began feeling it. The luminous sun force within his body could not be operated. Naturally, the 'inner world' was also part of his body, and could still be operated. But the consciousness of the true deity heart could no longer be permeated outside. His sensation of the outside world was also much more weaker, and he had some feelings of being a mortal. The undulation of consciousness could no longer feel the world.

But there was still some slight differences as compared to being a mortal. His vision, and hearing was much stronger. His eyes could see countless different lights from afar. His hearing could hear countless undulations. But this degree was already much weaker than before since he could not operate the luminous sun force.

"Begin the second trial." Sir commander indifferently said.