Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 10

9 A Loving Family

Adam was called back to the family house by his father that night.

"You're back." His mother greeted him at the door with a warm smile.

"What does the old man want?" Adam asked as he went inside.

"Do we need a reason to want to see our son?" His mother asked with fake incredulity. Adam raised an eyebrow at her. "He's in the study." She sighed.

Adam went upstairs to the study. "Father." He greeted.

"Come have a drink with me."

"You're already at such an age and yet you still drink like this?" Adam scolded, but he poured himself a drink and sat down anyway.

"I heard you're having issues with the jewellery launch." His father said, not bothering with small talk.

"Tell me, which of my staff members told on me." Adam said with a smirk. "You've already retired and left the company to me. You needn't concern yourself with company matters anymore."

His father scoffed. "I spent 40 years growing MK. It's like a second child to me. How can I possibly not concern myself with it? Especially after you made so many changes last year."

"Changes for the better." Adam reminded gently.

"Have you found a replacement model yet?"

"You seem well informed about the issue. Do you really think that I won't be able to handle such a minor problem?"

"If you can solve it solve it quickly."

"Just relax at home like you're supposed to. When the time comes I'm sure you'll be satisfied with the results." Adam said, downing his glass. "And stop drinking so late at night."

"I'll trust you for now, but if I feel like you're incompetent I'll take MK back." His father muttered.

"As you wish." Was all Adam said.

In the living room Mrs. Hayes was flipping through a magazine. Adam had only been upstairs for a few minutes, but when she looked up and saw both men coming down the stairs. "Are you leaving already?" She asked with a frown.

"I should go back. I still have many things to attend to."

"Why don't you just stay here. You don't even have a girlfriend. Who will cook for you, and look after you in that big empty condo."

"I thought we agreed you wouldn't interfere with my love life." He said sternly.

"If you found yourself a girlfriend I wouldn't have to." His mother chided. "You know if you smiled a bit more you wouldn't scare them all away."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"I'm talking about that permanent scowl on your face."

"I don't scowl."

"Oh please. You came out of the womb with a stoic look on your face."

His father laughed at the remark. "Let the boy be."

"It's not funny. Don't tell me you never want to see your grandchildren." His mother scolded.

"That's enough." Adam said firmly. "I'm leaving now; I'll stay for dinner another time."

His mother conceded. "Drive safely then."

As Adam drove back he took a rare moment to admire the night sky. The autumn air was crisp, and the sky was clear. The trees were just beginning to change colours, and it seemed that two hearts were destined to change with them.