Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 100

99 Round Two

Soon enough the weekend arrived, and once again Elle nervously awoke to prepare for the long day ahead. It was just past noon when she anxiously arrived at the location of the shoot.

'I'm here.' She texted Adam before putting her head down into her hands. This felt so different to the last time, when she was only expected to walk around. This time she would actually have to smile and pose.

'What have I gotten myself into?' Elle thought to herself before a light knock on the window startled her out of her panic. Elle looked up to see Adam with a soft smile on his face. For the sake of that smile she mustered up her courage and got out of the car.

"I don't think I can do this anymore. I really aren't suitable for something like this." Elle said to Adam nervously as he led her into the building.

"Nonsense. You'll do just fine; it'll be over before you know it."

"And if it goes poorly?" She asked.

Adam looked at her seriously, gauging her anxiousness through her eyes. "If it really goes poorly I'll cover it up somehow. You don't need to worry about anything." He said reassuringly.

Adam led her into the building and down a corridor to a large open room, full of equipment, decorations, and people running back and forth. The sound of a dozen conversations all happening at once filled the room.

Elle looked in surprise at the crowded room. It was much busier then she had imagined.

Adam looked at her with concern. Her face seemed to drain of its colour as her wide eyes took in the scene in front of them.

He smiled faintly. "Are you scared?"

Elle snapped out of her daze. She shook her head at him, "I'm just a little surprised. I wasn't expecting it to be so"

"Ridiculously hectic?" Adam finished her sentence for her.


"It's okay, don't pay attention to anything else. Just act as you always have. The photographer will instruct you."

"Okay." She replied in a nervous whisper.

"Ah, you remember Will don't you?" Adam said as he saw his friend approach them.

"Of course." Elle replied. "It's so nice to work with you again." She said in greeting.

"Likewise." Will replied with his usual friendly smile.

"He'll help you get ready." He instructed.

"If you'll follow me, miss." Will said, extending his arm to her.

Elle took it, thankful to have someone she knew.

"Take good care of her." Adam called out to his friend.

Elle's cheeks reddened as she looked back at Adam with wide-eyes, but Will only waved lazily at his friend. He led Elle down a long hallway and into a dressing room where a beautiful gown was already hanging, awaiting her.

This time the dress was a light pink that slowly faded to white down the long skirt. The entire dress was embellished with pink, white, and silver metallic sequins that made the dress glimmer under the bright lights, but also added at least five pounds to the elegant piece.

"You made this?" Elle asked in amazement.

"It took me months to get all the sequin work just right." Will said, with a huge grin on his face. "You like it?"

Elle let out a light laugh. "Of course I do. It's stunning."

An assistant helped Elle get into the dress. Today's shoot was for MK's fashion line; she would be changing into five different pieces. Her hair and makeup were done, both in Elle's preferred, simple, style. After about twenty minutes of getting ready, and an additional fifteen of Will fussing, Elle was led back out into the studio.

When she had first walked in everyone else had been rushing around, no one had spared her a second glance. This time all eyes were on her as she gracefully walked into the room.