Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 107

106 Do You Hate Me That Much

Elle awoke the next morning feeling light despite the cramped position she had slept in. She blinked against the sunlight, confused for a moment, before she saw Adam still asleep on the sofa beside her. Elle blushed, realizing what had happened.

She glanced back at Adam, who still laid asleep on the sofa. It was the first time Elle had seen him asleep, she took a moment to admire the soft expression on his face, and the way his strong chest rose and fell with every breath. Feeling content, Elle carefully slipped out of his embrace and quietly made her way to the bathroom to wash her face.

Adam eventually awoke, only a few minutes after her. He found Elle in the kitchen fixing a quick breakfast for them both.

"I have a late start this morning." Adam reminded her. "I can make breakfast so why don't you go use the shower first?"

"That's okay, I've already started. You go first, I'll get ready after you leave."

So while Elle finished making breakfast for them, Adam went about his normal morning routine, a small smile playing on his lips the entire time.

Breakfast passed with the usual small talk and easy conversation. Eventually David arrived to pick up his boss for the scheduled inspection.

As he left Adam turned around, "Oh yea," he said, as if suddenly remembering something. He rummaged through his pockets for a brief moment before pulling something out and tossing it towards Elle. She caught it, looking into her hand at the pair of car keys.

"Have fun." Adam said with a wink before heading out.

Elle smiled, weighing the keys in her hand for a moment before setting them down and heading upstairs to take a shower herself.

Elle stayed in the shower for a long time. She let the hot water soak into her and fog up the mirrors before she finally got out.

With her wet hair wrapped up in a towel, and yesterday's clothes on, Elle fixed herself a cup of tea and sat at the table while she slowly sipped on it. In the silent apartment the winter sunlight streamed into the room. Elle felt thoroughly relaxed despite the tasks ahead of her.

It was only a little before noon when Elle finally headed out. Since she knew that no one would be home at this hour, Elle drove the Maybach over to her father's house first. It was a strange feeling to be back in her room again even though it had only been two days.

She didn't waste much time reminiscing. Elle took a large bag out of her closet and started filling it with clothes and other essential things she would need over the next few days. She also changed out of her current outfit into something more comfortable.

Elle put on a pair of cargo joggers, and matched that with a fitted black turtleneck sweater. Finally, despite it not matching her outfit at all, she took her little birdy off it's stand and hooked it around her neck. Elle had been wearing the bluebird necklace almost every day, but unfortunately she had been without it for the past few days. She didn't intend to leave it behind.

After rummaging through her room for an hour Elle left the house again. She tossed her bags into the back seat before getting into the front seat to drive to her next stop.

When Elle arrived at Tae she was just in time to see Jacob and Abby walk into the building hand-in-hand. Out of consideration for her friend Elle waited for Abby to exit the building before she entered. She got into the elevator, but instead of going up to her own floor she got off two levels below.

Jacob had just returned from lunch with Abby. He had heard from his father that Elle had discovered his 'mistake'. After receiving a stern lecture, Jacob had been told that his father would take care of it. So he wasn't at all concerned or interested when he had heard that Elle had taken the day off work. All this only added to his shock when he saw her appear in the doorway of his office.

"Why are you here?" Jacob stammered in surprise. He was taken aback by her appearance. It was the first time he had seen her like this; wearing casual clothes and a fierce expression. So different from the perfect and composed look she had always had before.

"Why do you think I'm here?" Elle asked, fighting the urge to roll her eyes.

Jacob gritted his teeth. "If this is about the sales you should talk to father. The matter is in his hands now."

"This matter has nothing to do with him. This is a matter between the director of the marketing department and the incompetent new employee of the sales department."

"I've stopped changing the sales, and I've been lectured by father as well. Can't you just ignore it and move on like father asked?" Jacob asked. "Can't you just do me this one favour?"

"No." Elle said stubbornly.

"Do you hate me that much?" Jacob asked with an empty laugh.

"Not really. I just dislike people who don't know their place." Elle replied.

"That's not true. You've hated me since I arrived." Jacob spat.

"You're wrong." Elle said calmly. "I didn't feel anything towards you at all."

Jacob's hand curled into a fist. "Say whatever you want. What's done is done, if you have any complaints take it up with the chairman."

Elle had been so emotional when she had talked to her father, but when discussing with Jacob she felt nothing at all. "You're not my family, we share a house nothing more. You have no right to interfere with my work. No right to ask me this favour. Fix your mess or I will fix it for you."

Elle didn't bother to look at the expression on Jacob's face or wait for his reply. With that, she turned on her heel and left the room. As she walked down the hallway a victorious smile curled up the corner of her lips.