Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 11

10 Flirting With Danger

A few days passed. Suzy had gone to the marketing department and put forth her suggestion. The marketing director seemed very pleased with her recommendation. Emma was currently one of the most popular models in the industry. If she modeled for MK's event, it would surely create a lot of buzz.

Suzy was very happy with the progress; she was eager for a chance to stand out to the CEO. If she solved this problem surely he would see her in a favourable light. She texted Emma happily, to update her.

"Everything is going smoothly Emma! The directors seem very happy with my proposal."

"That's great!" Emma replied. "Why don't we go out for lunch today? I'll treat you as a thank you for getting me such a good opportunity."

"Sure. Can you come pick me up from the office? If I have a chance I'll introduce you to our marketing director."

"Okay, perfect! I'll come by around 1."

Suzy wore a proud smile as she went about her work that morning. Thousands of girl's tried to get close to Adam Hayes without any success, but Suzy was confident in herself. She was promoted to director after just two years with the company. Her work spoke for itself. In addition, she was confident in her looks and style. If she could just get Adam to notice her work she was sure she could snag him.

But of course, in reality, it wouldn't be that easy for her.

Emma showed up at MK around 1, like she said. She didn't get to meet the marketing director since he was out on a business lunch, but it must have been her lucky day, because she ran into someone even more important.

"Mr. Hayes." Suzy greeted as the two girls passed him in the hallway. "This is my friend Emma. I've recommended her to be the model for our event."

"I hope we can work well together in the future." Emma said, bowing her head.

Adam simply nodded and continued walking. Once the two girls were out of ear shot he asked David, "Have the marketing department finished their list?"

"They're still going through potential choices, but it seems they've come up with five recommendations for now sir."

"Then call a director's meeting this afternoon. I want to go through them."

"Yes, of course sir."

Suzy was out at lunch with Emma when she received the email scheduling a director's meeting.

"What is it?" Emma asked as she watcher her stare at her phone.

"The CEO has called for a meeting this afternoon." Suzy said with a smile. "He's also eager to sign a new model soon. Right now there are only four other recommendations and you're more popular than any of them. I really think you have it in the bag this time."

"Ahh I really hope I do." Emma exclaimed. "Working for MK is the golden standard. If you can get a job with MK you're basically guaranteed work for the rest of your life. It's also not a bad opportunity to try to get close to Adam Hayes."

"Do you have your eye on him?" Suzy asked with a frown.

"Of course. Everyone in the industry has their eyes on him. Can you imagine what it would be like to be the first lady of MK?" She said with a dreamy sigh.

Suzy didn't reply. It was true after all, it was natural for everyone to want to be Mrs. Hayes. But she had an advantage. As far as she was concerned she was the closest girl to Adam. She saw him on a daily basis, and had endless opportunities. She would just have to play her cards right.

It was easier said than done.