Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 115

114 Under The Cover Of Darkness

After dinner Adam and Elle went to take a walk along the beach. Elle had put on a sweater since the night air was chilly, but still kept her shorts on. As they walked she excitedly stepped ankle deep into the water which was quite warm despite the early season.

"I still can't believe you arranged all this." She said softly as she looked out at the sea which seemed to stretch out forever before them.

While Elle was admiring the beauty of the open water Adam was admiring her. The look, the spark, in her eyes had him mesmerized. After a moment Elle seemed to suddenly notice his stare and turned to look at him with those deep eyes.

"What?" She asked innocently.

"You look so beautiful tonight." Adam replied in barely a whisper. One of his hands reached out to hold hers, his fingers grazed ever so slightly against her skin.

He leaned in close, close enough that Elle could feel his breath against her, but Adam stopped there. After a moment he leaned back as if he was about to pull away but Elle wasn't about to let the moment go just like that.

She took the initiative to close the distance between them with a kiss. It was nothing but a harmless peck on the lips, or so she thought. In hindsight perhaps that one simple motion was the spark that set the rest of the night off.

Adam broke away from the kiss first. He pulled away from her but held her hand even tighter in his grip and led her over to where the trees would hide them from view.

He pressed Elle against the rough bark so that she was trapped between the tree and his own strong body before leaning forward to kiss her again. Elle kissed him back with more fervor than she had before.

The young couple stood there kissing and kissing beneath the moon and the stars, with the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, and with the scent of the sea water filling the air around them.

It felt like the nicest thing in the world. Elle let her hands slowly trace up Adam's strong arms and into his hair while his were locked around her back, holding her small body against his. In that moment Adam's mind was full of a possessiveness he didn't know he was capable of.

'Look at this beautiful girl.' He thought to himself. 'She is perfection. Everything about her is perfect. And she has decided to give her love to me. She belongs only to me.'

Their simple and innocent feelings of love quickly turned into a more passionate and more urgent feeling. Adam led her back into their room where he tossed her lightly onto the bed. Elle watched with butterflies in her stomach as Adam stood at the foot of the bed and slowly began taking off his clothes. Undoing his shirt buttons one by one, taking his time. Underneath was an impressive display of muscle that was surprising given the fact that he worked at a desk all day long.

And then he was on her again, slowly leaning down to cover her lips with his and once again Elle felt a heat sear through her. She lost her mind, and gave it up willingly to his unreserved passion. Adam drove one hand into her lush black hair, twining his fingers through it as he crushed her mouth to his. Her body seemed to melt against his.

The couple maneuvered blindly in the dark bedroom. Driven by the need to love and be loved and by a constant demand for more.

Elle felt an ache in her chest. As if she couldn't get close enough to him. She strained against his body, against the press of his broad chest. One of his hands tugged at her shirt, drawing it up high enough to slide one of his hands beneath it. The touch of his hands was so cool on her bare skin that it sent a chill down her spine.

It wasn't until one of Elle's hands had worked its way down to pull at his waistband that Adam suddenly seemed to remember himself.

"Are you sure?" He asked in a ragged whisper.

"Yes." Elle didn't recognize her own voice. In that moment she didn't recognize herself at all. Not this version of herself that was bold and confident despite having absolutely no experience in matters of love. But that didn't stop her.

Under the cover of darkness nothing else mattered. Nothing but him.