Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 118

117 Favours

"We're on vacation, but what are you doing here Marcus?" Elle asked, eager to get the focus off her.

"Unfortunately I'm here for business, not pleasure. You see my family is in the luxury hotel business. This place has been growing in popularity so I'm here to survey a piece of land. See if the investment will be worth it." He explained. "I'm actually on my way to meet with one of the developers now."

"Then why don't you hurry along." Adam replied. But the fact that Adam was eager to have him leave only intrigued Marcus more.

"I still have a few minutes to spare." Marcus said with a mischievous grin. "Let's chat for a moment. I didn't even know that you had started dating, we have so much to catch up on."

Adam was about to open his mouth to decline but Elle stood up before he could. "I have to use the ladies' room, why don't you two talk."

Elle quickly left before either could argue. She couldn't even remember meeting his friend, the least she could do was give them a brief moment alone to catch up.

Marcus sat down in the chair she had vacated. "She's quite pretty, your girl. Considerate too." He noted.

Adam relaxed a bit. "She is."

"Evidently she is also your lucky star."

Adam looked at his friend inquisitively. "What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about MK's ad's of course. They released almost a week ago but are still all anyone can talk about in the industry. Who'd have thought obstructing a model's beautiful face would get more people to look at them. Yet somehow it worked, the ads are very popular."

"Of course they are. High risks garner high rewards."

"What risk?" Marcus scoffed. "We both know this wasn't some calculated move. The rest of the world might think you're some innovative genius but I know you're just a fool in love who got lucky."

"You sound bitter." Adam noted with a smile.

"Of course I am. It's pathetic to watch everyone try and fail to copy you when I know the thought that went behind this 'trend'." Marcus teased.

Elle had been waiting out in the bathroom. Tiredly staring at her own reflection pacing back and forth in the mirror until she thought that enough time had passed that it wouldn't be rude to return to the table.

Elle made up her mind and left to go back to the table but as she approached it she saw Marcus and Adam with their heads bent towards each other, she saw the smile on Adam's face and the way Marcus was eagerly talking to him. She had returned too soon.

But before she could turn around and walk back both men looked up at her, hearing her footsteps as she approached them.

"Ah. I think I forgot something. Let me go back for it." Elle said sheepishly.

"That's fine. We're done here." Marcus said as he got out of her seat. "Let me return him to you." In a gentlemanly fashion Marcus held the chair out for her and tucked it in as she sat down before bringing up one last point from their earlier conversation.

"Adam, since you went through that much trouble to keep it a secret you had better keep a tight lip on this model of yours. Or someone might try to poach her." Marcus said casually, while throwing a wink at Elle who nearly chocked on her drink.

"Even without you warning me I will."

"Good. By the way, since you're here why don't you help me with something. I have a copy of the contract I need look over but you were always better at these things than me."

"Is this how you ask for a favour?" Adam asked, his lips curved slightly. Despite his words Adam still held his hand out expectantly. Marcus smiled back at him and pulled a document out of his bag, handing it to Adam before rushing off to his meeting.

"Sorry." Adam said as turned his attention back to Elle. "I wasn't supposed to work today."

"That's okay." Elle replied cheerfully.

As they ate Adam flipped through the contract, making notes in the margins of it. Elle didn't mind the silence. She had always found his focused expression extremely handsome. While they ate she admired him. Today she had discovered another appealing quality as well. He was good to his friends.