Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 125

124 Just A Neighbour

Once she finished talking to her father Elle quickly made her way outside and got into the car where Adam was waiting for her.

"Did you see him?" She asked.

"Yes." Adam answered, knowing immediately that she was referring to her father.

"Did he see you?"


"Good." Elle murmured. One of her hands reached up to touch the little bluebird that had returned to its place around her neck. She felt reassured as her fingers glossed over the cool and smooth gem.

"Is everything okay?" Adam asked.

Elle gave him a genuine smile. "Everything's just fine. Come on, let's go."

Finally, they made their last trip for the day. Once they reached Elle's new condo Adam and Elle each carried a box upstairs to her room which was still mostly empty except for a few items of furniture that had already been delivered and the mounds of boxes and bags Elle had brought over earlier that day.

The residence was in a poor state; nothing was put away and there was a fortress of boxes in the living room, but Elle loved it. It was a home that belonged to her and her alone. She felt refreshed by the change of pace and scenery in her life. Everything she owned in the world was currently neatly packed away in this place.

Elle was enjoying herself as she wandered through her maze of boxes when Adam's voice interrupted her, bringing her back to reality.

"Do you want something to drink?" He asked as he headed to the kitchen. "Iced tea?"

"That would be perfect."


"I'll go get the rest of the things from the car." Elle announced.

"Do you need a hand?"

"No, that's fine. I got it."

"You sure?"

"Yup." Elle grabbed her keys and then headed back down to the car.

There were only two boxes of books left to bring upstairs. Elle was feeling bold, and too lazy to make two trips so she stacked the boxes on top of each other and headed back into the building.

With both boxes stacked Elle's vision was completely blocked. She couldn't see a thing in front of her but she had made this trip so many times that day that she had her path memorized. She didn't need to see where she was going. Elle, however, barely made it to the lobby when one of the boxes was suddenly plucked from the stack.

A young, handsome, boy's face was suddenly in front of her, now carrying one of her boxes in his hands.

"Moving in today?" He asked.

"Yes" Elle replied, startled by his sudden appearance.

"These are heavy," The boy said as he weighed the box in his hands, "let me help you carry them up." He turned around and headed towards the elevators without waiting for Elle's response.

As Elle watched his back walk away she suddenly snapped out of her surprise and quickly followed after him.

"I can manage just fine on my own. You don't need to trouble yourself." She said as she caught up to him.

"It's okay. It's no trouble at all. Which floor?" He asked as they stepped into the elevators.

"The eleventh." Elle replied hesitantly.

"You're only one floor above me." The boy noted absentmindedly.

As they rode the elevator up Elle had a chance to study him more closely. He couldn't be more than twenty years old. His hair was a light brown that was contrasted by dark eyes. To be living in this building at such a young age; perhaps he was a celebrity? Maybe an idol? But he had a neat and prim appearance, he looked more like a student. Perhaps he was just someone's child then.

"My name's Christopher by the way." He introduced himself as Elle was in the middle of her musing.

"I'm Elizabeth." Elle replied, giving her full name for once. It felt odd to introduce herself by her nickname to someone younger.

A light dinging noise marked their arrival at her floor. Elle hurried back to her apartment. Christopher followed behind her, eventually setting the box down in the foyer without stepping further that the doorway.

"Thank you for your help."

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"It was no trouble." Christopher said lightly. "I suppose I'll see you around the building."

"Yea, sure. I'll treat you to something next time as my thanks." Elle offered.

"Sure. I'll look forward to it." He said with a polite smile.

Elle was closing the door behind Christopher when Adam stepped back out of the kitchen with two ice cold drinks in hand.

"Who was that?" He asked mildly.

"Just a neighbour." Elle replied, taking one of the glasses thankfully. She had no idea at the time how familiar she would eventually become with 'just a neighbour'.