Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 126

125 This Is Fun

"Well we better hurry up. There's still a lot of unpacking to do." Adam reminded Elle as she sipped on her drink.

"It can wait until tomorrow." Elle groaned.

"Tired of moving day already?" Adam teased. "Weren't you the one who replied 'it'll be fun this way' when I asked why bother moving out of my place."

"It will be fun." Elle insisted. "Just imagine me coming to your place unexpectedly, or you coming over for dinner and falling asleep here." Elle's pandering was interrupted by a yawn that over took her.

"You must be exhausted." Adam said with a frown. "Let's eat early and go to bed."

"Okay." Elle agreed readily. "That sounds wonderful."

After a quick shower Elle entered her new bedroom and quickly realized the flaw in her packing. All her things were still in boxes and unfortunately she hadn't had the time to thoroughly label her things. Now she had no idea where anything was when she wanted to change into something more comfortable.

So Elle was forced to to rummage through all her things, opening boxes at random, looking for something suitable to change into. After opening a few things in vain Elle came across a box that had an oversized long sleeved cotton shirt that had originally belonged to Adam but she had since accosted it as her own. It would do.

She wore it with a pair of cotton shorts that barely peaked out rom under the edge of the baggy shirt. There was no food in the fridge so Elle ordered pizza for both of them.

Adam got out of the shower to find Elle on the sofa with a box of pizza in front of her, browsing on her phone as she waited for him. Adam hadn't thought he was so simple and ordinary a man, but he couldn't help but find it ridiculously cute to find Elle in his shirt, with her still wet from her shower and tied up in a messy bun.

"What is it?" Elle asked when she noticed Adam's gaze on her.

"You're right." Adam said as he walked over to join her on the couch. "This is fun."

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Elle grinned. "Speaking of fun, I have something for you." She rummaged through her purse and then pressed a cold metal key into his palm. "You gave me the spare key to your condo already. This one is for you. The spare key to my place."

Adam closed his hand over the key. "You're so cute." He said softly as he leaned forward to kiss her.

"Hey," Elle murmured between kisses. "Why don't we go test out that new mattress?" She asked with a sly smile.

Adam didn't need anymore invitation than that. He scooped her up into his arms and carried a laughing Elle into her bedroom.


Perhaps it was due to the exhaustion of moving, or maybe it was just because both Adam and Elle were so comfortable, but both of them slept in for quite a while the next morning. When Elle did wake up she glanced beside her at the handsome man with his head still buried into a pillow and his bare chest slowly rising and falling with deep even breaths.

She smiled to herself and glanced at the time. It was already nine in the morning but Elle refused to get out of bed. Instead she casually browsed through her phone while nestled underneath the covers.

While nonchalantly looking through her social media Elle came across a headline that caught her attention. 'Everything you need to know about MK's recent model scandal' it read.

Elle frowned. MK were infamous for never getting caught up in scandals. What could have happened? She clicked to open the article but before she could even read the first line Elle heard her doorbell ring.

Elle checked the time again; it was only just past nine, who could it be so early in the morning? A second ring followed. She glanced at Adam who was now only half asleep on the bed beside her.

Elle pressed a hurried kiss to his cheek, "I'm going to get the door." She told him before rolling out of the bed.

"Mmm." Adam groaned as he grabbed a pillow and covered his face with it. Elle laughed to herself as she hurried to the door. The CEO Adam Hayes who was feared and respected seemed so perfectly ordinary in moments like this.

Elle's quiet laughter quickly faded as she opened the door. It was replaced with surprise as she stared at Abby standing on the other side of the doorway.