Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 13

12 Serendipity

Two weeks passed by quickly with no progress for either Elle or Adam. Elle hadn't posted a single update for her novel in the past two weeks. She hadn't even opened the website to read the comments. Although her work at Tae was progressing smoothly she felt miserable inside.

On the other hand, Adam was still mulling over the missing model. The rest of the preparations were ahead of schedule, and everyone seemed pleased with the progress, but he was stuck in a rut over a single model. The marketing department had several recommendations that he could certainly settle for, but he didn't want to settle. Especially after the conversation with his father. No, he was a perfectionist. There was no way he could settle for second best.

But unlike Adam, Elle had something to look forward to. Her best friend was back in town.

Elle was a quite girl, even in the best of times she wasn't one to make friends easily. Elle had made one very good friend during high school: Abby Scott. After high school Abby had moved overseas, but the girls still saw each other occasionally. Abby was attending a prestigious art school, she currently was on holiday and had came back for a visit.

Elle was excited to see her, she took the day off work to accompany Abby. Elle was currently on her way to a tea house where they had agreed to meet.

Meanwhile Adam was on his way to inspect one of MK's stores. He sat in the back of a black Maybach, looking out at the gloomy state of the city. It was the coldest day of the season, and the sky was full of dark grey clouds. Most of the trees were already bare, their dead leaves littered the street.

The car was stopped at a red light when a young girl suddenly caught his eye.

Everyone was hunched against the cold wind, their faces furrowed and miserable. But she seemed to welcome the gusts, and on her face she wore a sweet smile.

As Adam watched her he felt the corners of his lips pull up ever so slightly in a smile of his own.