Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 131

130 A Wonderful Night 1

It was Saturday afternoon and Elle was sitting on her closet floor while Abby pulled dresses off the racks around her.

"What about this one?" She asked, holding up a bright red dress.

"It's too flashy." Elle said with a shake of her head.

"Hmm." Abby said as she returned her attention to the clothes around her.

This was all in preparation of a dinner party happening tonight. More specifically it was Amelia's welcome home party. Adam would be attending of course; he was already at his own place getting ready for the event. Elle on the other hand had originally intended to spend the night resting quietly at home but that morning she had gotten a call from her father letting her know that Amelia's family had extended an invitation to them.

"It's so like my father to give me less than 12 hours notice." Elle grumbled.

As it turned out, Amelia's family were also in the luxury goods business, they owned a lower priced but well known jewelry company. It was important to Elle to make a good impression tonight, not just because they were closely connected to Adam, but because they were all in the same business together.

When she was given the sudden notice Elle took the opportunity to reconnect with Abby by inviting her to come help her pick out an outfit. Just as Elle was on the brink of a breakdown Abby pulled a beautiful dress off the rack.

"Oh, what about this?" She asked excitedly.

It was a dress Adam had given her. It was part of the clothes he had prepared for her when they went on their little vacation together. It was a lilac shift dress from one of MK's fashion lines. The dress was sophisticated while still giving off a young and fresh vibe.

"It's perfect." Elle announced.

"Great. Hurry up and get dressed then." Abby instructed as she left the walk-in-closet so Elle could change.

Just under an hour later both girls were dressed and on their way to the party hall Amelia's parent's were hosting the party at.

As Elle walked into the hall her eyes immediately began to search for Adam. She spotted him quickly, standing with Amelia's father as well his own. Adam happened to catch her eye in the same moment. He gave her a quick smile across the room and gestured towards a table of refreshments. Elle understood his message and gave him a light nod.

"Is Jacob here yet?" Elle asked Abby, who was also looking around in vain.

"I'm not sure."

"Why don't you take a quick look around? I'll meet you at that table over there after."

"Okay. Thanks Elle."

After ensuring Abby was out of sight Elle walked over to where Adam was waiting for her by the table.

"I wasn't expecting there to be this much press here." Elle commented, referring to the warm of paparazzi they had passed on their way in.

There was a glimmer of humour in Adam's eyes. "Do you not recognize her?" Adam asked, gesturing towards Amelia who was standing with some friends only a little ways away from them.

"I don't. Should I?" Elle asked skeptically.

Adam chuckled. "Of course you of all people wouldn't." He teased. "She's an actress. She just got back from shooting in Hollywood."

"Ohh." Elle said, everything made sense now; the paparazzi, the extravagant party. The more she thought about it the funnier it became.

"What is it?" Adam asked when he heard her giggling to herself.

"It's just that even your friends are all at the tops of their industries. It's so typical. Everyone around you is so capable."

Adam smiled. "I suppose you're right. Everyone around me is capable. You should meet my girlfriend, she's particularly amazing."

"What a flirt." Elle said as she looked away to hide her flushed cheeks.

Just then a voice called out, interrupting the couple. "Adam, you made it." Adam and Elle both looked up the see Amelia walking towards them.

"Hey Amelia." Adam replied casually.

"And you are?" Amelia asked politely, batting her large eyes at Elle.

"I'm Elizabeth. Elizabeth Shaw." Elle introduced herself.

"Oh, from Tae right?"

"That's right." Elle replied, stunned. "You're so knowledgeable."

"My father's in the business so I try to be."

"How proactive." Elle answered awkwardly, for a lack of a better response.

A silence fell over the group as the stood, gaging each other.

"Are you happy to be back home?" Elle asked after the silence became to unbearable.

"You're the first one to ask me that." Amelia replied with a gentle laugh. "Everyone is more interested in my time overseas and if I'm sad to be gone. But you're right, I'm glad to be back."

"There's something nice about 'home'." Elle agreed.
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"When I was away I had a lot of time to reflect. Hollywood has a lot of opportunities but the thing's I want are all here at home. It wasn't the right place for me." Amelia confessed. "By the way Adam, I think my father was looking for you again."

"I'll go see him now then, I'll be back." Adam said it to seemingly no one though Elle knew it was directed to herself. Adam downed the glass of champagne her was holding and set it down on the table before walking off and leaving the two girls alone.

Elle subconsciously watched him go. She didn't realize how attentively her eyes were following him until Amelia stepped closer, taking Adam's place beside Elle.

"So," Amelia started, snapping Elle out of her thoughts. "Tell me. How does an obscure marketing director become MK's most revered model?" Amelia asked with a pretty smile painted perfectly on her face.