Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 132

131 A Wonderful Night 2

Amelia had been enjoying her night fairly well. She didn't particularly care for socializing with other people, people whom she knew didn't particularly care for her either and were just chasing after her fame, but tonight she put on her best smile and came to the party happily knowing she would also be able to meet and talk with so many friends for the first time in two years.

Amelia was talking to a few old friends when Adam happened to enter her field of vision. Her eyes unconsciously followed him as he came to a stop in front of the refreshment tables. Amelia was surprised to find a young woman by his side.

Her first impression of Elle was that although she wasn't beautiful she did have a gentler prettiness to her features. The girl was dressed in a soft lilac dress that complimented her fair complexion and her raven hair but what stood out most was the bluebird necklace that sparkled on her neck. Amelia recognized the necklace immediately, it was from MK's most recent jewelry line. It was also a limited and highly exclusive product. If she wasn't mistaken, Amelia believed it was from the line MK had showcased at their masquerade ball. The same event as they first introduced their new model.

Amelia couldn't hear what the girl and Adam were saying, but the more she scrutinized the more sure she was; the girl who stood by Adam's side now was definitely MK's new and highly sought after model.

Amelia was filled with both jealousy and relief. It was unheard of for another woman to be able to stand so close to Adam without being an intimate connection, friend, coworker, or otherwise. In this case Amelia assured herself by telling herself it was only a coworker. It made perfect sense for an asset to be standing next to him.

'Besides' she thought to herself, 'Adam has strong morals. He would never let his personal life and his work life interfere like this.' As long as she nipped it at the bud Amelia believed nothing would ever come from it.

Her mistake was presuming Adam's interest in Elle would blossom only after they worked together and not before, as it had happened. Regardless, she believed her own position to be safe, so when she saw Elle look away from Adam Amelia took her chance to walk over to them.

"Elizabeth Shaw." The young girl introduced herself as. The name sounded familiar to Amelia and then she recalled why.

"Oh, from Tae right?" Amelia asked. She had strived to know everything about the industries Adam and her father were involved in. It was information she must have picked up when researching Tae many years ago.

Eventually Adam excused himself in search of her father and Elle and Amelia were left alone.

"So," Amelia asked, doing her best to pretend she wasn't being confrontational, "how does an obscure marketing director become MK's most revered model?"

Amelia had the satisfaction of watching Elle's eyes fill with a combination of horror and confusion.

"I saw the necklace and pieced it together." Amelia explained. "Your face is hidden in the ads but your other features look close enough that it's easy to be certain once you have the thought."

Elle recovered her composure enough to reply this time. "There was really nothing special to it." She said, answering Amelia's first question. "A model dropped out and I guess I was just in the right place at the right time to be asked to fill in."

"As simple as that?" Amelia asked.

"As simple as that."

"You must be especially proud of your work then. You don't look like a model at all and yet you've done exceedingly well."

"The truth is that I don't really care about the results or the popularity once the ads come out. That's MK's concern because, like you say, I'm not a model. I only try to follow their instructions well and the rest I entrust to Mr. Hayes." Elle replied honestly. She referred to Adam by his last name, hoping to hide their relationship from this girl at least.

Elle didn't realize how impactful her words were to Amelia. To Amelia those words betrayed her fantasy of distance between Elle and Adam. She didn't yet realize how close the two were, but she could tell it was closer than her initial assessment and her hopes had her first believe.
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Adam ruined the fantasy further by rejoining them at that moment with a new glass of champagne in his hands.

"Did he ask you to drink with him again?" Amelia asked.

"Your father does enjoy it, doesn't he?" Adam replied.

"He's in a a good mood tonight, he's drinking more than usual. I should probably go check on him. It was nice meeting you Elizabeth." Amelia said as she took her turn to excuse herself from the group.

"How many glasses have you had?" Elle asked as she looked down at the half empty glass in Adam's hand.

"It's my third." Adam replied while he raised the glass to his lips to take another sip. "There are too many elders here tonight. They always want to have a drink at events like this and it's difficult to refuse."

Elle felt sympathetic and recalled her fuss and anxiety getting dressed earlier that evening. For them parties like this weren't really parties, just more work.

"By the way, I think your friends are looking for you." Adam stated.

Elle followed Adam's gaze to where Abby was standing with Jacob now at her side as they both looked towards Elle and Adam while whispering.

"What a wonderful night this is turning out to be." Elle said sarcastically. "I'll be going then."

"I should continue with my rounds as well. I'll come find you later."

"Alright." She agreed before making her way through the crowd to Abby and Jacob.