Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 133

132 A Wonderful Night 3

Elle walked over to where Abby and Jacob were talking in hushed tones.
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"You found him." Elle noted to Abby, referring to Jacob.

"Never mind him, tell me how on earth you managed to find Adam Hayes?" Abby asked incredulously.

Elle flushed as she realized what their hushed conversation was likely about. "We just happened to both be getting refreshments at the same time and started a conversation that's all." Elle replied. It wasn't a complete lie.

"Looked like more than just a conversation to me." Jacob said under his breath. It was said as a quite comment to only himself but Elle heard it regardless.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked.

Jacob had the decency to look embarrassed at being caught before replying by saying, "It's just odd to see you flirting with Adam Hayes when you already have a boyfriend."

Elle was at a loss for words. 'But I wasn't flirting.' She thought to herself. 'More importantly he IS my boyfriend.'

Fortunately, Abby came to her friend's defence. "Have you seen Adam Hayes?" She asked Jacob with a roll of her eyes. It wasn't the support Elle has expected by she would take it nonetheless.

"You would probably flirt with him too." Abby added.

"I would not." Jacob replied repugnantly.

"It's fine. I understand his charms. I won't be mad at you if you ever do. Promise."

Elle couldn't help but laugh lightly as Jacob continued to protest and Abby continued to dispute the why's and what's of Adam's charm. As they argued Elle glanced over at Adam who was amongst another group of elders and sharing a drink with them.

As he looked away Adam happened to catch Elle's eye. He raised his glass to her in a small motion. Elle smiled and mimicked the motion with her own glass, returning the toast.

Two hours passed by in the blink of an eye for Adam, but quite slowly for Elle who could barely pay attention to any conversation happening around her because she was too busy watching Adam with a worried eye. But finally, after two hours had passed, the couple were able to meet up with each other again.

"You don't look well." Elle noted. Perhaps he wasn't drunk yet but Adam had drank enough champagne to be ever so slightly flushed and to have glossy eyes.

"Will you be okay to drive home?" Elle asked nervously, knowing full well what the answer was.

"David is here tonight. Let him drive your car back for you. You drive back with me and stay at my place tonight."

"Okay." Elle agreed obediently.

Once they had finished saying their goodbyes the two snuck off together. The drive back to Adam's condo was quite. Elle carefully drove while Adam leaned back in the passenger seat and pinched his eyes shut.

Soon enough they had arrived and made their way upstairs. Elle half expected Adam to collapse with exhaustion on the way up, but he didn't. He made it all the way to the living room before flopping onto the couch as Elle shut the front door behind them.

She quickly ducked into the kitchen before approaching Adam with a tall glass of water in her hands.

"Drink this." She instructed.

Adam sat up and accepted the glass from her.

"I've never seen you drink this much." Elle commented as she watched Adam down the glass.

"Because I usually don't. There were too many people tonight."

"You worked hard." Elle said as she sympathetically patted his head.

Adam glanced up at her. Her dark hair which had initially been combed back slick and straight had slowly come loose and now fell roughly around her, framing her delicate face. Elle's eyes were big and bright and with the moonlight streaming in and casting shadows on her face she looked truly stunning.

Adam took her hand and pressed a kiss into her palm before resting it against his heart. "How beautiful you look tonight." He said with his voice low and rough.

Elle couldn't deny that she loved his voice when he spoke to her like that. With a smile she crept into his lap and leaned against his chest. Adam's arms immediately encircled around her, holding her firmly in place.

She enjoyed it for a moment, his warm and strong embrace, then in a rare turn Elle was the one to initiate things. She tilted her head up in search of Adam's lips. She kissed his neck, working upwards towards his jaw and then across until her lips finally met his. Adam kissed her back.

Elle felt herself getting lighter. As if she were getting drunk of the taste of champagne that lingered in his mouth. A rare groan escaped Adam's lips as she deepened the kiss.

"Adam." Elle pleaded after a long moment.

That was the only invitation she needed to give him. Adam stood up and scooped her up in his strong arms. He carried her up the stairs and into the bedroom, his lips never leaving hers along the way. Elle laughed softly as Adam tossed her onto the bed.

Some time later Elle laid curled up against Adam's chest, now fast asleep. The lilac dress Adam was so fond of now lay discarded somewhere on the floor. It turned out to be a wonderful night after all.