Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 138

137 First Steps 1

Another two weeks passed by quietly. Everyone's work was in full swing. It was no surprise that Adam was busy, but now that her new project had started Elle was, thankfully, occupied as well. Amelia's worries were also quelled.

It was just as Adam had said; after being back in town for only a week offers began rolling in. Amelia looked through them herself looking for something special to take on as her first project back at home. Her manager watched her deny project after project, worrying that Amelia was being too picky with her selection until one day an offer to do some modelling work for MK came in.

Amelia smiled brightly when her manager informed her of the news. 'Finally.' she thought to herself. Adam had nothing to do with the offer, that she was sure of. This was something she earned purely out of her own merit. Nothing could make her happier than that.

"Have them send over a contract for the legal team to look over. I want to accept as soon as possible." Amelia informed her manager, rushing her several times to have the paperwork signed as soon as possible.

A week had passed and nothing had been signed yet, but MK would be hosting a dinner party for all the models involved in their new project that night and of course Amelia was included on the guest list. She took it as a sign that MK was serious about the offer and that the contract would be signed very soon.

Early that afternoon Amelia called her closest friends over to her house to help her raid her closet, looking for the perfect outfit to wear.

"I don't know why you're so concerned." One of her friends said as she watched Amelia change into her sixth dress. "It's just a work dinner. You don't ask for opinions on what you wear for red carpet events but suddenly you're worried about what to wear for a dinner?"

"It's because Adam Hayes will be there." Another friend replied dramatically. "She can't snag a man like him with any old dress."

"I told you before, Adam and I are only friends." Amelia replied evenly, unfazed by the teasing. "This is my first job at home after being gone for a long time. I just want to do my best."

"In that case I'd go with the navy blue one. It's a classic."

Amelia smiled as she took the navy dress off the rack and held it up against herself in the mirror. It was a simple dress with a very flattering cut. The navy blue was bold and contrasted her complexion. It would do nicely.


While Amelia was busy getting herself ready Adam was simply busy. It was a work day so as usual he was in his office sifting through his own pile of work.

"I want the inspection report completed by the end of the week." He instructed David.

"Yes, sir."

"I always want to have a meeting with the directors tomorrow."

"I'll arrange it immediately."

"That's all for now." Adam said to David in way of dismissal but a moment passed and David still hadn't moved a step.

"Is there something else?" Adam asked without looking up from his work.

"I just wondered if you would be leaving soon." David replied.

"For what?"

"For the company dinner."
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"Such a small matter doesn't require me to be there."

"Well..." David trailed off nervously. Adam finally put his pen down and looked over at David.

"What is it? Tell me." He commanded.

So David swallowed his fear and spoke freely. "Some of the employees have expressed concern about the contracts. Some of them haven't been signed yet. Especially Amelia's, it's taking a longer time since both sides are being thorough. I think it would be best if you go tonight to show that MK is serious about the offers. Lest they feel insulted and cancel the agreements before anything is signed."

Adam considered the argument. "Fine." He said finally. "Prepare another suit for me. I'll go once I'm finished with this."

"Yes, sir." David said with relief, immediately leaving the office to do as instructed. He was especially pleased that he didn't have to mention that Adam's mother had called and instructed him to attend tonight.

As David drove Adam to the dinner hall later that night Adam gave Elle a call.

"Are you still at work?" She asked after picking up.

"There's a work dinner tonight. I don't think I'll be able to make it to your place. Don't wait up for me, just go to bed first."

"That's okay." Elle said. "It doesn't matter how late it gets, just come over tonight."

"Are you sure? You've been busy too, you should rest."

"But don't you remember?" Elle asked, her voice suddenly getting seductive. "I can no longer sleep peacefully unless a certain someone is by my side."

Adam smiled. "That's right, how careless of me to forget. I'll come over later then."

"I'll be waiting." Adam hung up the call feeling pleased. He could almost hear her smile over the phone.

"We're here sir." David's voice sounded from the front seat, and immediately Adam's feelings turned sour.

"Let's get this over with." He muttered as he stepped out of the car.