Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 139

138 First Steps 2

Amelia was already in the hall where MK's dinner was being hosted, talking to some of the managers and other guests. Her eyes were constantly scanning the crowd, but she couldn't spot Adam anywhere as she continued to mindlessly converse with everyone.

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While she mingled Amelia couldn't help but notice the looks she was getting. Many of the eyes in the room were on her as she walked by, some of them lingered longer than necessary. A few of the girls looked at her with innocent envy, while others looked on with a more malevolent form of jealousy.

Amelia was happy and also relieved by the looks, which only served to reconfirm that she had picked her outfit well tonight, but other than to that extent she paid no mind to the looks anyone gave her. Their looks didn't matter in the slightest.

The murmur that was spreading through the crowd drew Amelia out of her own thoughts. Everyone was whispering and looking towards on of the entrances where Adam was currently walking in. All eyes were on him as he entered the room, accompanied by David.

The managers went forward to greet him respectfully and as Adam looked away his eyes happened to meet Amelia's. They made eye contact for only a fraction of a second before he looked away again.

A smile spread on Amelia's face as he did. This was the reason she liked him so much. He was different from all the others. He was not a man whose attention could be earned by a fancy dress and a pretty smile. In the same way that she earned this contract through her own merit, she wanted to be able to win over his heart through her own merit as well. Not simply because of her pretty face.

"I always forget just how handsome he is until I see him in person." One of the girls standing beside Amelia said with a sigh.

"I know, right? How is it possible that a man like him doesn't have a girlfriend?" Another said.

"Don't jinx it. Do you want him to get a girlfriend? Him not having one means we all still have a chance."

"At least someone should have him. What a waste for a man like him to not be enjoyed by anyone at all."

"Besides," a third girl chimed in, "do you really think we have a chance? He's not a man that just anyone could stand next to you know."

Amelia had been listening to the conversation this whole time. When she heard the last comment she took the opportunity to break away from the crowd and boldly walk over to Adam.

"Good afternoon." She greeted. "I thought you might not make it tonight."

"Hello, Amelia." Adam greeting back. "I didn't think I was that late that you had to worry about my appearance."

"No, you're not late at all. I just know you, I know how much you hate these things."

As she spoke Amelia looked back at the group of girls with a smirk. It was as if she were saying 'See? Look how easily I can stand by his side. This so called unreachable man.'

"I still have to go around an greet everyone." Adam said. "Enjoy yourself tonight."

"Sure. Maybe I'll talk to you later."

The guests continued to mingle for a little while longer before the dinner itself began. Adam gave a very brief speech, thanking all the MK employees for their work, and thanking all the guests for coming, stating that he looked forward to working together.

Afterwards everyone sat down to eat. Many people silently fought to try to get a seat at the same table as Adam, but of course it was quickly occupied by Adam's own directors and managers. Amelia didn't bother vying for a seat at his table, instead she quietly sat down at the table directly opposite from Adam's, purposely picking a seat where she would be in his direct line of sight. By chance Amelia ended up sitting at the table with the same group of girls she had overheard talking earlier but she paid no mind to it.

All through dinner Amelia wore a satisfied smile on her face until finally one of the other girl's couldn't stand it any longer.

"Look at her." One whispered. "She thinks that just because she knows Adam she's all that. She's been gone for two years now, she's in the same place as all the rest of us are."

"Shh, she might hear you." Another whispered back.

"Let her hear. Maybe it will knock her off her high horse. If Adam was going to date a model, moreover a model that he worked with, he would at least date someone at a higher level; like that mystery model everyone has been raving over."

"Well in the end she'll learn her place. Once the photoshoot is over and the results come out she'll see the truth. No matter how well she does she'll never be able to create a bigger response than that model MK used before. In the public's eye her popularity will either drop or simply remain the same. There's no way for her to stand out."

Amelia could hear every word being said, and every one was a stab to her. She gripped the fork in her hand tighter and glanced towards Adam, looking for some reassurance, but he was no longer in his seat. Amelia glanced around the room but couldn't spot him anywhere.

'I didn't notice him get up. Where did he go?' She wondered anxiously.