Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 140

139 First Steps 3

Adam had been sitting at the table listening to the conversation happening around him with disinterest. It had been a long time since he had been so bored. It was true that he had never liked these events, but since when had they been so suffocating, he wondered.

'Elle has been at all the events I've attended recently.' Adam realized. 'I usually have her to give me a break from all the tedious aspects.'

With that realization in mind he got up from the table without bothering to say anything to anyone else. Adam wandered into the hallway and, once he was certain there was no one else nearby, he gave Elle a call.

"Hello?" She answered almost immediately.

"Hey." Adam said, relief flooded through him just from the sound of her voice.

"What's wrong? I thought you had a dinner event tonight?"

"I do. I'm bored." He complained. Adam heard Elle's light laughter in response.

"That's usually my line." She said. "I'm being a bad influence on you."

"What are you up to?" He asked as he looked down at his watch. "Have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet." She confessed.

"Why not? What are you doing?" He asked with a frown.

"Um" Elle looked down at her notebook in which she had been working on her novel for the past hour. It wasn't necessarily a secret but it was something personal, and it was something she hadn't told him about yet.

"I'm just writing. What about you? Have you eaten?" She asked, quickly glossing over her writing.

"We're in the middle of eating now. I was too bored, I had to get out of there."

"What suit are you wearing?" Elle asked suddenly.


"It's important. Just answer the question."

"The grey one."

"Light or dark?"

Adam glanced down at his clothes with a frown. "It's in between. I don't know."

"That's your light one then. Your other ones are definitely darker. And what colour are your shirt and tie?"

"Both are black."

"Ah" Elle squealed. "I can imagine how handsome you look in that."

"Is that all you wanted to know for?" Adam asked, covering the embarrassed expression on his face with his hand. "You're so silly."

They spoke a little while longer until Elle declared that it had been long enough.

"It's getting late, everyone will wonder where you went. You should head back now." She was right. So the two said their goodbyes to each other and hung up the call.

Adam looked forwards towards the entrance to the dining hall and then back to the front of the building from where he could see the sun starting to set through the glass exterior. It took him only a brief moment to make his decision.

Meanwhile, David was still sitting at the table wondering where Adam had wandered off to. He had started wondering if he ought to go looking for his boss when he received a text message.

'I'm leaving first. Help me make an excuse for the night.'

David had overheard Adam and Elle on the phone with each other in the car on the way over so he could easily guess where his boss had run off too. He smiled at the realization. It turned out his boss was human after all.


After hanging up the phone call Elle glanced at the time herself. It was getting quite late, she really had ought to eat soon. So she closed the notebook she was writing in, put it away, and made her way into the kitchen.

When she had gotten home from work she knew she would be alone for the night, who knew what time Adam would be able to make to her place, if he would make it over that night at all. She had changed into something more comfortable. That something happened to be one of Adam's casual t-shirts. It had been becoming a habit of her's to wear his clothes at home. She had been slowly accosting some of his shirts, hoodies, and even sweat pants as her own.

In the kitchen Elle had started playing music on her phone with the volume as high as it could go as she stood at the stove re-heating food leftover from the night before.

She hummed along to whatever was playing until the song eventually faded into silence. The next song started and Elle smiled as she immediately recalled the upbeat tempo. After a few minutes she found herself dancing and singing to the music enthusiastically, slowly getting carried away by her own innocent and indulgent enjoyment.

She was sure she looked and sounded foolish, but in that moment she had not a care in the world. Until she heard the sound of a chair move behind her. Elle stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to see Adam pulling out a chair at the table behind her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Don't mind me, carry on." He said, a childish grin painted on his face.

Elle's face burned red from top to bottom. "When did you get here? I didn't hear you come in." She mumbled.

"No, I don't imagine you did. I just got in. I decided to leave the dinner tonight early."

"Is that so?" Elle asked as she looked back to the stove, letting her hair fall forwards to cover her embarrassment.

"I've never been more glad of a decision in my life." Adam said. Elle couldn't tell if he was being genuine or still teasing.
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He came up behind her and wrapped both his arms around her waist. "Don't be embarrassed. Not in front of me at least."

"Easy for you to say," She grumbled as she leaned backwards into his embrace, "I have no embarrassing material on you at all."

Adam smiled softly. "I do have one confession; I realized something about myself that I'm embarrassed about at dinner tonight?"

"What is it?"

"It seems that for the past 28 years I never knew what true enjoyment was. Not until I met you. And now that I've had a taste of it I find that I can't go back to my boring old life anymore."

Elle turned around to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "That's very sweet and all, but if you think that will suffice as embarrassing material you're wrong."