Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 144

143 Good To You

The day seemed to fly by; it went by well and with no incidents. After the shoot finally ended Elle accompanied Christopher to a meeting and then they went to get a quick lunch.

"You should eat more than that." Elle said as she eyed the salad Christopher was eating.

"Are you trying to make me gain weight?" He teased. "If I gain any more weight than this I'm going to start losing money you know."

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Elle didn't reply to his jokes. Instead she quietly got up from the table. Christopher watched in stunned silence as she walked away. She returned a moment later with a chicken dish in her hands.

"You were working in the sun all morning and you still have a long day ahead of you. You need your energy." Elle said as she set the dish down in front of Christopher.

Chris was speechless. It had been a long time since he had felt someone else's consideration and warmth like this. A smile slowly spread across his face.

"What will you do if I get fat?"

Elle reached over with her fork and took a piece of chicken for herself. "Then we'll get fat together Christopher."

"You can just call me Chris." He said as he dug into the food. "We're friend's, right? Besides, Christopher is a bit of a mouthful.

"Chris it is then."

After a moment Chris' hands stopped. Elle was about to ask if something was wrong when he suddenly set his utensils down.

"Why are you so nice to me?" He asked.


"I really appreciate everything you've done for me. Maybe it's because I'm not used to being the subject of other people's consideration but I can't help but wonder why you do it."

"Ah" Have I been treating him like a child again? Elle wondered to herself. "There's no special reason. Besides, you were the first to show consideration to me when I was moving in, remember?"

"You really have no reason? You don't want to ask me for a favour in return?"

"I just want to be good to you, that's all." Elle said with a shrug. "Now hurry up and eat or we'll be late to your next meeting."

Chris and Elle barely did it, but they made it to the meeting on time.

Since the meeting was considered confidential Chris showed Elle into an empty boardroom to wait in until he was finished. Elle waited for a long time until, eventually, she heard a phone begin to ring.

Elle reached for her own phone but was surprised to see that it wasn't the source of the ringing. She suddenly remembered that Chris has given her his own phone to hold on to while he attended the meeting. Sure enough, it was ringing. Elle quickly picked it up.

"Hello? Chris?" A voice said on the other end.

"Chris is in a meeting right now; this is his assistant."

"I needed to speak to him quite urgently. Do you know when he'll be done?"

"If you leave me a message I can pass it along and have him give you a call back later." Elle said as she quickly rummaged through her purse for a pen and paper.

"Sure, sure. Just let him know that Michael called from MK." Elle had begun writing down the message but her hand faltered.

'From MK?' She wondered.

"The project him and I spoke about last time is about to be approved. Tell him he can expect a contract to be sent from us soon."

"Okay." Elle recovered herself and quickly wrote the message down. "I'll pass the information along to him."

"Please do. Have a good day."

"You too." Elle hung up the call and gauged the note she had just written in front of her.

A few minutes later the meeting finally ended and Chris rejoined Elle.

"There was a call for you while you were gone. I took a message." Elle said as she handed him the note.

Chris' eyes lit up as he read it.

"I feel like you must bring me good luck Elle. I've been hoping to get this news for a while now."

"Everyone in the country hopes for the opportunity to work with MK huh. It's great news. Congratulations Chris."

"I don't want to jinx it by celebrating before the contract is signed." Chris said with a grin painted on his face. "I also don't want to ruin my good mood by attending that dreadful party." He said with a groan, as if just remembering where they were headed to next.

Elle felt sympathetic to him. She knew first hand how tedious these events could be. She also understood how necessary it was for him to attend.

"But unfortunately, you have to go. Come along." She said.