Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 146

145 Chance Encounters 1

The next morning was a long awaited weekend. Adam rarely did it, but today he took the opportunity to catch up on his sleep by sleeping in for the first time in a long time. Since Elle hadn't been able to use her day off for herself she decided to make the most out of her Saturday by taking care of all her chores.

She had started the morning by silently doing some laundry, tip-toeing across the bedroom to gather clothes so she wouldn't disturb Adam who had woken up but was still laying in bed half asleep.

"I'm going to go to the mall to get some shopping done." Elle announced after she had started the machine. "On my way back I'll do some grocery shopping so let me know if you need anything."

"Mhmm." Adam groaned from where he was buried beneath the sheets.

"I'll be back early in the afternoon so I can bring something back with me for lunch. Don't worry about cooking."

"Okay." The gruff voice responded.

"Stay in bed until at least noon. Your body must be exhausted. Rest properly."

"Yes ma'am."

Elle smiled and walked across the room to quickly give Adam a kiss on his cheek before heading out.

"Take my car." He called after her. "The keys are on the table."


Elle hadn't gone shopping in a very long time. Her list of things she needed had gradually been growing and was now slowly getting out of hand.

Elle first went and gathered all the miscellaneous items she needed for her home and carried them back to the car before heading back into the mall to accomplish her main task; getting a present for Abby who's birthday was coming up.

'Adam's birthday will come in the fall as well won't it.' Elle thought to herself.

for visiting.

Abby was an easy person to shop for, Elle had known her for half her life. She knew her interests well. But if all else failed, Abby was still a girl, a piece of jewelry or some perfume would do just fine.

'Abby's gift was easy to think of but what should I get for Adam?' Elle wondered.

What could she possibly get for a man who had everything?

At the very least she still had time to think about it. Adam's birthday was still several weeks away. Her quest for Abby's birthday present lead her into a high class shoe store where she knew there were a pair of limited edition heels her friend badly wanted but thought were too expensive to buy for herself.

Elle walked into the store and saw the heels standing proudly in the display. She was about to walk over to them when a familiar voice resonated in her ears.

"What about these ones aunty?" She heard Amelia's familiar voice excitedly call out.

Elle glanced to her left where, sure enough, Amelia was walking through the same store arm in arm with Adam's mother.