Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 15

14 Returning The Favour

Elle looked in awe as they arrived at MK's flagship store. It was two stories high, with a crisp and clean appearance; white walls, marble floors, and gold accents. The entire store exuded luxury. Elle, in her plain white dress and short heeled boots, suddenly felt very out of place.

As they entered the flagship store Elle followed four steps behind Adam and his assistant. Adam glanced back at her with an eyebrow raised, but didn't say anything.

"Mr. Hayes, you're here." The store manager greeted him. She wore a short A-line black dress, black heels, and wore her hair in an elegant low bun. As Elle looked around she realized all the employees were dressed the same.

Great. Elle thought to herself with her head down in embarrassment. Even their uniforms are better looking than my shabby outfit.

"Before we begin the inspection I was wondering if you could help me prepare a dress for" Adam trailed off looking back at Elle with a troubled look on his face.

She laughed to herself as she realized that he didn't even remember her name. "Elle Shaw." She said, introducing herself to the manager.

"Of course." The manager said, a perfect smile on her face. "Why don't you follow me."

As the manager lead them into the back Elle looked around and realized there wasn't a single customer in the huge building. Had they shut down the entire store? She wondered.

Adam noticed her looking around, "We've shut down the store for the annual inspection." He said, answering her unspoken question.

"Please wait here." The manager showed them into a room before leaving to retrieve some clothes. The three were once again left in awkward silence. Adam sat down on the sofa in the room casually, either not noticing or not being bothered by it.

David on the other hand was too busy trying to control his reaction to bother trying to make small talk. He looked at Elle, she seemed ordinary and quite plain. In all the years he had worked for him, David had never seen Adam show interest in another person. Even if she didn't look like much there had to be something special about her.

While David marvelled over this strange occurrence Elle paced the room slowly. She felt too awkward standing still, but she couldn't just go sit beside Adam. While she paced, she prayed for the manager to return quickly. To Elle's relief she did.

"Miss why don't you follow me to a changing room."

So Elle followed. Even the changing rooms were luxurious; they followed the same all white style of the showroom, with gold fabric curtains, and a huge three panel mirror.

The manager pulled a dress out of a garment bag and hung it in front of Elle. "I tried to find something to match your style. Please let me know if the fit is wrong." The manager said politely. "I'll have one of the employees bag your other dress for you."

Elle could see why MK was the King of the industry; their service was unparalleled. She didn't say anything and yet, in just a few minutes, the manager had found her a perfect dress. It was a short champagne coloured tulle dress, with a deep v-neckline. The dress was to her taste, the size was perfect, and the cut of the dress suited her body type.

Elle changed quickly, while the manager put her dirty dress into a bag. Once she finished the manager led her back to where Adam and David were waiting.

All the bizarre events of the day must have gotten to her, because Elle could have sworn she saw Adam's gaze soften ever so slightly when she re-entered the room. Her eyes must have been playing tricks on her.

"I have a few things to take care of, you can come find me in the store once you're ready to begin the inspection sir." The manager said politely, before seeing herself out of the room.

Elle felt herself blush under Adam's piercing gaze. "Is it really okay for me to have this dress?" She asked nervously. "At least let me pay for it."

Adam watched as she walked into the room, thinking the manager had done well. The champagne colour was subtle on her fair skin, but made her dark hair and eyes pop. Her windblown hair, and the playfulness of the soft tulle gave her a youthful appearance.

"Keep it." Adam said gently. "It suits you."

Elle looked at him, bewildered. Adam Hayes, THE Adam Hayes, was complementing her?

"Am I dreaming?" She asked.

Adam chuckled.

"Ah! Did I say that out loud?" She covered her face with her hands, bright red.

"I got coffee on you last time. Keep the dress as my apology. Now we're even." Adam said while getting up. "David will take you to meet your friend. I'll start the inspection first." He instructed his assistant.