Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 150

149 A Night Ou

One morning Adam and Elle were sitting around the table enjoying a light breakfast together when Adam's phone began to ring, piercing through the peaceful quiet that surrounded them.

Elle didn't even bother looking up from her plate. She was quite used to Adam's busy life and his phone that often interrupted their time together.

Adam glanced at the screen before picking up. "What is it?" He answered bluntly.

"Hello to you too. I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?" Marcus asked sarcastically. He was only joking of course. Just like Elle, he was quite used to Adam's blunt way of speaking and his seemingly cold demeanour.

"I'm busy." Adam calmly lied as he stabbed a piece of fruit with his fork. "If it's not important I'll call you back later."

"I'm just calling to let you know that the party moved locations. We're meeting at the restaurant now."

Adam's expression dropped.

"What is it?" Marcus asked, noticing Adam's silence.

"I forgot." He confessed.

"You? You forgot?" Marcus asked with genuine surprise. Even Elle looked up from her food with curiosity. The idea that Adam would forget something so easily was absurd.

Marcus began to laugh. "I guess you're human after all. Will you still be able to make it?"

"I already said I'd go. I'll be there." Adam replied as he looked at Elle with a guilty expression.

Elle watched on until Adam finally hung up the call.

"What was that about?" She asked almost excitedly. "What did you forget?"

"You don't need to sound so happy at my having had made a mistake you know." Adam said with a smirk.

"That's not true." Elle said, blushing faintly. "I'm not happy about it. It's just exciting, it's a rare event after all. Who knows when the next time it will happen will be."

"A friend is hosting a party tonight. Nothing special, just a dinner amongst friends, but I agreed that I'd go."

"You don't need to sound so guilty." Elle laughed. "Of course you should go. You've been so busy recently. It will do you some good to relax with your friends for an evening."

"Won't you come too?"

Elle hesitated, surprised that he had invited her. "Is it okay for me to come?" She asked. "Won't I be intruding?"

"I don't see why not. All the others bring their girlfriends. I don't see why I can't." Adam replied with a smirk.

"Okay. I'll come then." Elle murmured, trying to hide how secretly pleased she was.

"I'll come get you after work then."

"No, that's okay. I want to go home and change first. If you text me the address of the restaurant I'll just meet you there."


This was the first time Elle would be accompanying Adam as his girlfriend. She knew Adam would never pressure her, or be expectant of her in this regard, but she wanted to make sure she made a good impression nonetheless.

Elle was anxious the whole day, eagerly waiting for work to end so that she could rush home. Once she was free of her dreaded office she went back to her condo to shower and to rummage through her closet for something appropriate to wear.
for visiting.


Meanwhile, Adam had stayed at work much later than Elle had, but because he made no detours he still ended up at the restaurant before Elle did.

He walked into the back where his friends had already begun to enjoy their night. Amongst the group was Amelia, who couldn't hide her pleasure at seeing Adam walk in, altogether clueless for what the night had in store.