Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 153

152 Getting Serious

Amelia wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and mope.

Adam had a girlfriend. Elle was Adam's girlfriend.

Perhaps it was her own fault. Just because Adam had been single all these years didn't mean he would stay single forever. She should have prepared herself for it better. No...in the first place she should have never left for Hollywood. Her career took a step forward but her relationship with him took two steps back.

If she had just stayed back then perhaps something would be different now. If she confessed her feelings sooner could it have been her hanging on Adam's arm now instead of that nobody girl?

These were the thoughts that plagued Amelia's mind on a rare sunny and warm autumn morning.

Unfortunately she wasn't able to mope in peace for long. Soon her manager arrived at her home. The manager let herself in and made her way to Amelia's bedroom where she was surprised to find the praised actress tangled in her sheets with a pillow over her head.

"What are you doing?" She asked as she roughly drew the curtains open. " It's already ten o'clock. You should be ready by now. Don't tell me you forgot about the lunch meeting."

"Of course I didn't forget." Amelia mumbled from beneath the sheets. "I'm just not going."

"What? What do you mean you're not going?"

Amelia was silent.

"These contract negotiations are only happening because of your apprehensions; you can't just back out now. Do you know how bad it will look?"

"I'm not going." Amelia stubbornly insisted.

"You are going." Her manager bit back. "I don't know what's gotten into you today but I'm not going to let you ruin the one opportunity you've been waiting your whole life for. Now get up."

A short struggle ensued, it was one that Amelia lost. Next thing she knew she was dragged out of bed and into the shower, after which she was forced to get dressed and get into a company car, on her way to lunch with some of MK's legal staff members.

As they arrived at the restaurant her manager leaned over to Amelia, "If you're not feeling well than just stay silent. Don't force yourself to participate in the discussion, but this meting is important. I need you to be here."

Amelia followed her manager's advice and kept silent during lunch. She only spoke in order to greet everyone and then occasionally to answer a question that was directed at her. Aside from that she let the boring and political conversation fade away and put all her attention into picking at the food in front of her.

Some how an hour went by and the meeting finally came to and end. Amelia was happy to be out of a situation that only reminded her of Adam more.

After the meeting was over Amelia returned back home. She didn't know how she passed the time, other than with the word solemnly, but eventually the morning faded into the afternoon and the afternoon had begun to fade into the evening when she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

for visiting.

Amelia frowned, if it was her manager she would have just barged in. She forced herself to the door to see who it was. This time it was friend who had come to intrude on her gloomy mood.

"What is it?" Amelia asked after she opened the door and let her friend in.

"You weren't answering your phone." The friend replied with a pout. "Some of the girls are going out for dinner and some drinks. You should join us." She asked, not noticing the blue mood that had settled in the apartment.

Amelia opened her mouth to reject the offer but then hesitated. Maybe it would do her some good to go out with her friends and get her mind off her own pathetic concerns.

After a moment's consideration Amelia made up her mind. "Okay, sure." She responded.

The night went by much better than the day. Amelia still wasn't herself but it wasn't as torturous as lunch. Occasionally she found herself laughing along to whatever silly story her friend's were telling.

As the night went on Amelia's friends became more aware of her mood as well. After several attempts of trying to uncover what was wrong they finally managed to drag her story of heart break out of her.

"It's unfortunate," one of them finally responded, "but they're only dating. There's still the possibility that they'll break up."

"You should just confess instead of forever wondering what could have been." another interjected.

"I have no chance." Amelia said, resigned to the fact of it.

"Says who? It's up to you girl, but it's not life you to just give up on something cause you think your odds are low. After all they're not impossible are they?"

Something in those words clicked to Amelia. Yes, her chances were low but they weren't zero just yet. All she needed was to improve her odds a bit.

They were right. She wasn't about to waste all those years of her effort and hard work go. She wouldn't give up so easily.

Just as quickly as she got there, she was dragged out of the horrible abyss in her mind. With a feeling of confidence restored in her she began planning with her friends. She didn't need to change her destination, she only needed to take another detour in her route there.