Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 161

160 Working Together Again 1

Autumn was almost over. The ground was littered with orange and red leaves, leaving the trees were bare. Cold winds had begun to blow, marking the change in the season.

"It smells like winter." Elle noted one morning.

"You're right. I reckon snow will start falling soon."

"Hmm." Elle hummed her agreement as she looked out the window.

She was currently sitting in the passenger seat of Adam's car and they were on their way to MK together. It had barely been a week since Adam had proposed his plan to her over dinner. And only a day since he had asked her to join him on his trip to work.

"What are you doing tomorrow?" He had asked her after work yesterday.

"Nothing special. It's a Saturday so I'll probably stay in bed all day being grateful it's not yet Monday. Why, what do you have in mind?"

"I have to go into the office tomorrow. If you're not busy I was hoping you could come with me."

"To MK?"

"Your contract is ready to be signed. There are a few other items that require your attention as well."

"Really? I'll come."

Adam had smiled and reached for her hand. "We'll both be busier, but we'll also get to spend more time together because of this project. I think this is the first time I've ever thought of work as fun."

"You know I was apprehensive about this at first too, but now I think it will be fun for the both of us." Elle said with a grin.

So, as undesirable as it was for Elle to get up early on a Saturday to go to 'work', she still did it with a smile. Knowing that she was going to MK Elle put more effort into her appearance than usual. She wore a black fitted dress despite the cold chill outside and even took the time to curl her hair that morning.

"You know you don't have to do all this, right?" Adam asked, noting the loose curls that prettily framed her face.

"Maybe not, but it's bad enough that I put no effort into my appearance when I go to work at Tae. This is the bare minimum I should do before daring to show myself at MK."

Once they arrived at the office Elle followed Adam upstairs to his office, once again surprised by the number of employees present on the weekend.

"I forget how long it's been since I last came here." Elle pondered on their trip upstairs.

"A few months ago at best."

"We would have already met by this time last year, huh." She mused.

"A year goes by fast, doesn't it?" Adam commented. "Our anniversary will be coming up soon enough. Should we go on a proper trip this time?"

"Really?" Elle asked excitedly.

"Should we have them film in an exotic location as an excuse? Kill two birds with one stone?" He teased.

Elle nudged Adam with her elbow. "We're here to work, don't fool around." She said with a laugh.

They were approaching Adam's office now, where David was waiting for them.

"It's good to see you again David." Elle greeted.

"You as well. It looks like we'll be working together quite often in the future. Please let me know whenever you need something."

"I'm looking forward to it, thank you." Elle said, feeling quite flustered.

"For now bring over any documents that require her attention. Also have a copy of her contract brought up for her to review and sign. Have someone from the legal division come up too, in case she has any questions."

"Yes, sir." David said before disappearing to do as instructed.

Adam let Elle into his office, the door opened to reveal the grey sky and the expanse of the city below them.

"I've missed this view." Elle sighed.

A few minutes later David arrived with a stack of documents in hand as well as a "Peter from the legal division" who walked her through the various points of the contract.

Elle had initially planned to sign the contract without bothering to review it closely herself. She trusted in Adam, and trusted that his review would have been sufficient, but she was wrong. As they reviewed the contract a few points jumped out at Elle.

"Sorry, can I see that for a moment?" Elle asked.

Peter handed over the document and watched in anticipation as Elle flipped through it. He was young, and obviously on edge at the prospect of her not being happy with it. Elle couldn't blame him, MK was on a bad streak of getting important contracts signed.

"Can you give us a moment?" Elle asked after a moment. Peter looked between Adam and her for a brief moment before quickly answering "Of course." And scurrying outside.

Adam had been at his desk going through his own work. "Is something wrong?" He asked casually.
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"Yes, something's wrong." She said, dropping the thick contract on the desk in front of him with a satisfying thud. "You're paying me too much."

"I disagree."

"It's just a silly Wuxiaworld Adam, it's not worth this much. What if it doesn't even do well? Are you really going to let MK suffer a loss just to flatter me?"

"If that's really your opinion then you think too little of your own accomplishment." He said.

"I'm being serious Adam. What will you do if there's a loss?"

"I'll have to marry you and live off your wealth then." He teased, but he could tell she wasn't in a joking mood. "Listen, do you know how many people were involved in drafting this contract? Do you know how many valuations were done? You must have noticed that the contract also gives you a lot of creative authority. It's because it's your story and I trust your opinion when it comes to that, so you should trust me too. I would never let your work fail. I fully intend for MK to make way more than what we're offering you."

Elle considered him for a moment. His confident smile, his shinning, proud, eyes. She signed and leaned over the desk to give Adam a kiss.

"What was that for?" He murmured when their lips parted.

"There's something really attractive about watching you talk about how much money you'll make with that much confidence." Elle said slyly.

"Really? Should I tell you about our other investments?" Adam asked, leaning forward with an evil grin.

"We're still at work."

"I can take you back home."

"Give me some time. I want to milk you of all your money first."

Elle called Peter back into the room and carefully signed all the necessary documents. As Peter left the room Elle stole a glance at Adam.

'We're officially working together again.' She thought to herself. 'What a weird feeling.'

In front of her were dozens of documents entailing details on concepts, costumes, and all sorts of other things that Elle hadn't even thought to consider. Her silly little book was really about to become a movie.

Elle excitedly began to go through the documents. Adam glanced up and smiled at the contented smile on Elle's face before turning back to his own work.