Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 164

163 Happy Holidays

The days passed by in a blur full of working, planning, and holiday shopping. Elle felt it was the most busy she had ever been, but for once she didn't mind at all. This was because she was surrounded by lights, decorations, sweets, and all the other gaieties that came along with the holiday season.

Her own apartment was decorated from top to bottom with strings of lights, bows, and a magnificent tree that stood proudly in the middle of her living room.

When she discovered that Adam never decorated his place she was fuelled to put even more effort into their decorations. She insisted they go out and buy a christmas tree. It was a whole day's affair; going out to buy a tree and ornaments and spending all afternoon decorating the tree as Christmas music played in the background. It was a perfect picture of holiday joy. The only thing missing was the snow.

"I wish it would snow already." Elle moped on their way to work one morning.

"It has snowed." Adam rebutted.

"Only once or twice. All of it has already melted away. I want a big snowfall, one that will last until Christmas."

"Be careful what you wish for. We might end up with a snow storm in the new year."

"The only time people want snow is on Christmas day. It's going to end up being an ugly, brown, Christmas."

"Yes but your apartment has enough Christmas spirit that I don't think we'll notice the lack of snow."

Elle smiled. That was true. Besides, as long as she was with Adam there wasn't much she could truly complain about. Slowly Elle's smile faded.

"My father wants to see me today." She said, turning to look out the window at the barren world.


"I suspect he's going to ask me to go home for the family holiday party on Christmas Eve."

"Do you want to go?"

"No." Elle replied bluntly. "I've never enjoyed those things, just a bunch of aunts and uncles all overstepping their boundaries. It's the holidays, I want to spend them with you. But on the other side of that argument is that it's the holidays and they are my family too."

"You know, I'll probably get off work late anyway. And I really should stop at the family home for a little bit before I come home. You should go see your family."

"Will you come get me as soon as you're done?"

"Of course."

"And we'll have the whole day together on Christmas day, right?"

"That's right."

"Fine. I guess I can grace the family with my presence for a few hours then." Elle teased with a smirk on her face.

When the time for her meeting with her father rolled around, Elle made her way up to his office. There was a marked difference between this meeting and every other time she entered his office before.

Elle was calm and collected and not at all bothered by the presence of her father. Her father on the other hand was overly cautious of his daughter and the thin ice he stood on with her.

"You asked to see me, chairman?" Elle asked as she took a seat in front of his desk.

Her father cleared his throat. "It will be Christmas eve in just a few days. Will you be staying at home for the holidays?"

"No, I'll be staying at my home."
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"Is that so?" Her father mumbled. "Well on the 24th we'll be having our annual holiday party for the family. I expect you to be home for that at least."

"I'll come by for an hour or two."

Her father simply nodded his approval and remained silent.

"If that's all..." Elle said, slowly getting up from her seat.

"Won't you be spending Christmas alone? Isn't it better to spend it at home with your family?" He asked abruptly.

Elle was about to say that that place was no longer her home but seeing her fathers face softened her heart. "I won't be alone for the holidays. You don't have to worry." She said simply as she left the room.

Elle smiled to herself as she walked down the hallway back to her office. It was funny to consider how lonely she had felt in a house full of people she called family compared to the feeling of being in a single man's arms. She was impatient to return to those arms now.

Elle sighed and looked down at her watch. She would have to wait a little longer still.