Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 165

164 Christmas Eve 1

For the first time in weeks Elle and Adam had spent the night apart. Elle woke up alone in her own apartment. For the past few nights they had both been staying at her place since they had only bothered to decorate her own apartment. Last night Adam had to attend MK's holiday party and hadn't wanted to disrupt her sleep by coming in late so he went back to his place.

Elle called him as she got dressed in the morning.

"Did you have fun last night?"

"It was fine I suppose." Adam said.

"Hey which dress should I wear tonight?"

"You look so beautiful in everything you wear." Adam replied instantly but genuinely.

Elle rolled her eyes but smiled in spite of herself. "That's very nice of you but it doesn't help me at all."

"In that case you should wear something red. It's a festive colour and it suits you so well."

"Red it is." Elle said with a smile. "What time do you think you'll be done tonight?"

"I'll come get you at nine at the latest."

"Make sure you eat well tonight. Don't rush dinner on my account."

"Are you sure?"

"I'll be fine, it's just my family. Besides I'll have Abby with me."

"Fine. I'll call you when I'm on my way over."

"Alright, I'll see you later. Love you."

"Love you too."


Elle's day at work went by in the blink of an eye. Everyone was excited for the holidays and though they worked diligently there was an easiness in the air. Everyone seemed to be sitting on the edge of their seats hoping to be let out early.

Just before noon Elle stepped out of her office and down the rows of her employees.

"How is everyone's day going?" She asked casually.

"It's going well." They all vaguely replied.

"Is everyone excited for the holidays? Any Christmas Eve plans?"

The answer was an outstanding yes. Most of them had dinner plans.

"Well then you'd better rush home and get ready."


"Sure. You guys can start heading out at one. Just make sure any pressing matters are handled before you leave."

They all cheered and thanked her, which brought a warm smile to Elle's face. In fact her team seemed to work even harder after that, all rushing to make sure they could leave as soon as possible. Elle chuckled and went back into her office. There wasn't really a point of getting off early for her so she figured she would just work to the end of the day.

That was what she initially intended but even she wasn't a saint. Once everyone had left and Elle alone remained on the floor she couldn't help but start slacking off. First choosing to play some music to fill the empty silence, then deciding she could save herself some time by getting dressed in her office rather than her family home. Her work was soon forgotten on her desk.


Later that afternoon Elle made her way back to her family home. She had hitched a ride with Abby since they were both going to the party. That way she wouldn't need to worry about leaving her car behind when Adam came to pick her up.

As the two girls pulled into the driveway Elle couldn't help but stare at the house. Everything was just as she remembered it and yet there was something unfamiliar about the home she had spent the past twenty years growing up in.

"Are you ready?" Abby asked, getting ready to head inside.
for visiting.

"Yea." Elle replied. She walked slowly, a few steps behind her friend, taking in the scene around her.

Her father was the one who opened the door. He seemed startled by her, even though he was the one who told her to come in the first place. He paused at the doorway before stepping aside.

"Come in girls. Most of the aunts and uncles are already here."

Elle glanced at her watch before she entered the house. Only a few more hours until Adam would come rescue her. She took a deep breath and then stepped into the house.