Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 168

167 Merry Christmas 2

When Elle awoke the next morning sunlight was already streaming through the sheer curtains that hung over her windows. Her head was laying against Adam's chest where she could hear the strong and reassuring sound of his heart beat.

Adam seemed to already be awake. One of his hands was gently playing with her hair, slowly lulling Elle out of her sleep.

"Are you awake?" Adam asked fondly.

"Yes." Elle purred as she buried herself in his comfortable embrace.

Both of them seemed content to lie there in silence, letting the clock run on, until Elle's stomach betrayed her by grumbling.

Adam chuckled. "Hungry?"

One of Elle's hands flew to her stomach as if it might somehow conceal the noise.

"You don't have to be embarrassed. You must be starving after being so active last night." He teased.

"And who's fault is that?"

"You're right. It's all my fault." He said happily.

After taking a quick shower the two headed down to make breakfast. They prepared quite the spread - pancakes with a tart blueberry sauce, sausages, bacon, and a fresh fruit salad. It was the first time in a long time that they didn't have to rush through breakfast and instead got to sit down and enjoy it leisurely.

"I'm so full." Adam announced as he slumped onto the couch. "I don't think I can eat again until the new year."

"Don't say that. We still have our dinner reservation tonight."

"Are you trying to fatten me up on purpose?"

"No. But maybe if I do I'll have less competition from other girls for your heart." Elle teased.

"You have no competition. You are the only one in this world for me." Adam declared as he pulled Elle into his arms.

The afternoon passed by peacefully, almost boringly. It was a feeling that Elle and Adam both treasured and a luxury to them. They simply laid on the couch, watched T.V., and let the afternoon pass them by.

Elle didn't know when she fell asleep but the next think she knew she was waking up. The living room was dark, with only the bright light of the T.V. illuminating the room.

She was still in Adam's arms who laid still, asleep behind her. Elle admired the peaceful look on his face for a few moments before running her hands through his hair.

"Wake up." She said softly.

"Hmm." He groaned.

"It's already late. We should get ready for dinner soon."

Since it was a special day Elle decided to take the time to get all dressed up. She wore the same lilac dress she had worn before, the one Adam had seemed so fond of. Elle applied her makeup carefully and even took the time to do her hair so that it framed her face in perfect, loose, curls.

"Ready?" Adam asked.

"Almost, just one final touch - silver or gold?" Elle asked, holding two different earrings up to either ear.

"Gold." Adam replied almost instantly.

Elle quickly put them on and grabbed her purse before following Adam out.

Adam had pulled out all the stops for dinner that night. He had reserved a table at a hotel restaurant - a window-side table that overlooked the entire city below them.

"Wow." Elle breathed as they sat down at the table. "And I thought the view from your office was nice."

Dinner was perfect. Perfect food, perfect company, perfect everything. It was in moments like this that Elle knew that all the hard work, all the lonely nights, were worth it. Anything was worth it for this person. And for once in her life she knew that he felt the same towards her.

After they finished the waitress came by with the bill. Elle was preparing to get up as the waitress finished and walked away, they had booked a room in the hotel to stay for the night. Adam however, reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a slim box wrapped in beautiful gold paper.

"Merry Christmas my love." He said, handing the box to her.

Elle smiled and took the box. "I thought dinner and the room were your present?"

"Of course not. It's only a small gift but I hope you like it."

Elle pulled back the paper and carefully opened the box to reveal a beautiful gold necklace laying inside. It was just her taste; a simple design of a delicate golden vine with small diamonds scattered amongst the leaves.

"It's beautiful." Elle breathed. "I don't recognize it, it's not one of MK's lines is it?"

"No, it didn't seem right to get you a gift from my own company. I had it custom made."

"You designed this?"

"I did. Is it to your taste?"

"Adam it's beautiful."

Adam grinned. "It's worth it just to be able to see that look on your face."

"Wait, here." Elle reached into her purse and pulled out a box wrapped in beautiful black and gold paper. "For you. Merry Christmas."

"You know you didn't have to get anything." Adam said with a smile as he reached for the box.

"I'm glad you think so. Shopping for you is so hard you know. I thought so last year as well but it truly is impossible to think of a useful gift for a man who already has everything." Elle complained.

Adam opened the box to reveal a smart watch.

"I figured your employees would start making fun of you soon if you didn't keep up with the times." Elle joked lightly.
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"It's wonderful. Thank you."

"Look on the back." Elle said, her cheeks starting to turn pink.

Adam turned it over to find the words 'Every second I love you more' beautifully inscribed into the back of the watch.

"It's a bit cliche I know." Elle mumbled, turning redder by the second. "I just thought it would be a nice sentiment."

"It's wonderful. I love it. Truly." Adam said, running his fingers over the delicate words.

"Next time I'll get you a better gift."

"Nonsense. It's a wonderful gift. Besides, you are the best gift I could ever receive." Adam said, reaching across the table to take her hand in his and press a kiss to it.

"You're spoiling me too much today." Elle said softly. "If you keep treating me like this I'm going to start getting greedy."

"That's fine." Adam said as he got up from the table. "Come, let me spoil you some more."

Afterwards he lead her downstairs to their hotel room to do just that.