Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 169

168 New Years Eve 1

Elle looked forward to the arrival of new years eve more than she had to Christmas. She never cared much for the holiday before, especially with no partner to spend the holiday with. This year was much different.

Adam had proposed that they both take the day off work, giving themselves a nice little two-day holiday. No family parties, no responsibilities, just the two of them. Adam had agreed to cook a lovely dinner for them at Elle's request, and Elle had stocked up on plenty of wine and champagne to pass the night with.

They had just finished lunch, Adam was doing the dishes while Elle was making them both a cup of tea when Adam got a call.

Elle glanced at the caller ID, "It's Michael," she called out.

"Can you help me get it?" Adam asked. Elle answered the call and put it on speaker.

"What is it?" Adam asked. As blunt as he always was in his greetings.

"Are you coming tonight?"

"I already told you guys I wouldn't this year."

"We're not going to the club this year. Marcus offered us the penthouse suit of one of his hotels. It'll just be a small group. And of course Elle is invited to."

Adam opened his mouth to protest but Elle interrupted before he could.

Although Elle had been looking forward to their night alone together, the true treasure was making memories with Adam. "We'll come." She said aloud.
for visiting.

Adam looked to her in surprise.

"Unless you really don't want to."

"We'll be there." He confirmed.


For once Amelia got dressed with no ulterior motive. Adam had already told the group he wouldn't be joining them for their new years eve celebrations. He would likely be spending it alone with Elle.

She didn't bother considering and re-considering her outfits, tearing her closet apart until half it's contents were lying on her bedroom floor. Instead she picked something cute, a shimmering gold dress with a deep neck and no sleeves. One that showed off the soft curves and hard angles of her model's figure.

She had simply picked something that fit the occasion, many of the girls in their party had dressed similarly, but she was thankful for her choice when she saw Adam walk into the room that night.

Amelia had been lounging with her friends, laughing over some joke that was forgotten with Adam's entrance. Amelia's eyes immediately found him and tracked his movement as he came in with Elle at his side.

Michael had excitedly gone over to greet them and take their coats. Amelia almost snickered at Elle's outfit. While everyone else was dressed in party wear Elle was dressed in a simple pair of dark jeans with a white fur sweater.

'She must be too comfortable in her current spot. She's stopped trying.' Amelia thought t herself. 'It's my win.'

"Elle!" Amelia called out, "Come join us."

Elle glanced over at the sound of her name. She turned back to Adam and said something to him softly before joining the other girls.

"Hello everyone."

"It's good to see you here Elle. We all thought Adam wouldn't show up this year."

"We almost didn't." Elle confessed. "But holiday's like this are more fun spent in groups."

"I agree!" One of the girls went on telling a story and Elle fell into place, fitting in seamlessly with the group.

It was hard to imagine Adam making friends. His cold demeanour didn't really inspire the image. But as the night went on Elle could how carefully he had done so. Everyone was unnecessarily kind to Elle, bringing her a new drink when hers was finished, and always asking if she needed anything.

While this trait was appreciated by Elle, it was driving Amelia mad.

Eventually Adam came to where the girls were sitting with a plate of food. "Don't just drink. Make sure you eat too." He said, putting the plate into Elle's lap.

"You're so lucky." One of the girls sighed enviously as Adam walked away again.

"Yes, very fortunate." Amelia said sarcastically. "Adam must be so understanding. You clearly don't need to watch your figure anymore."

The other girl's began to laugh. "She already snagged Adam, and he's not the type to be into looks alone. Who would she need to watch her figure for?"

"You're right. He's the best." Elle said, laughing along despite the cold look she gave to Amelia.

"What about me?" Adam asked, suddenly leaning over the sofa behind Elle.

All the girls froze in surprise for a moment before Elle recovered herself and replied.

"We were just saying how lovely you are, and how lucky I am." She said, beaming up at him.

"Tell me, what part of me do you love most?" He asked, causing everyone around them to lean in closer.

"Stop fooling around." Elle teased, a faint blush creeping up her cheeks.

"Answer me first."

"Yes, answer him Elle." The others all insisted.

"I like how capable you are. There, are you happy now?" Elle finally replied.

"Yes." Adam said with a smile playing on his lips.

It was only for a fraction of a second, but as he turned away his eyes met Amelia's. The smile disappeared and something cold reflected in his eyes. And then he was gone, rejoining his friends by the minibar.

Amelia felt her heart skip a beat. Had she imagined it? He hadn't heard what she said, right?