Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 170

169 For The Rest Of Your Life
The night went on full of drinks and laughter. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the company they shared.

Before coming here Elle thought she would still feel self-conscious in front of Adam's friends but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that she found she had become at ease with them before she knew it.

\"Let's play a game.\" One of the girls announced later on in the night.

\"What game did you have in mind?\"

\"Truth or dare?\"

\"I know a better game, 'truth or drink'. You get asked a question and you either have to answer it honestly or you have to take a drink.\"

\"Sounds fun!\"

So the group reassembled, pushing the furniture out of the way and clearing a large space to sit around on the floor in the middle of the room.

The group went around in circles, asking questions and laughing at the responses.

\"What's the biggest secret you've kept from your parents?\" One of the girls drank to that.

\"If you could switch places with anyone in this room who would it be?\" Another one of the guys answered Adam. \"It'd be nice to know what he was thinking for once.\"

When Elle's turn to ask a question came she turned to Amelia. \"What's the craziest thing you've ever done to attract someone?\"

Maybe the alcohol was making her bolder, but Elle asked the question easily. Gratification filled her when she saw the fear behind Amelia's eyes.

\"I've never really done anything crazy.\" Amelia said with a dry laugh, trying to play the question off.

\"No way. Answer in specifics or take a drink.\" The others demanded, determined not to go easy on anyone. So Amelia was forced to drink, much to Elle's satisfaction.

Adam did well in the game, much to everyone else's frustrations. Adam wasn't a secretive person to begin with. He also wasn't someone who would be ashamed by their own actions. He answered every question with confidence, rendering it impossible for anyone to make fun of him for it.

Eventually the game shifted, instead of trying to embarrass one another everyone began asking questions only of Adam in hopes of finally getting him to drink.

When Elle's turn to ask a question came around again everyone encouraged her.

\"Don't go easy on him just because you're his girlfriend!\"

\"Hmmm.\" Elle wondered at what she could possibly ask Adam that would be embarrassing enough to make him drink without also embarrassing herself in the process. All questions about his love life were out of the question.

She gauged Adam, his dark eyes were daring her playfully. Elle folded to them. Instead of asking something to make him drink, she simply asked him what she really wanted to know.

\"If you could make one wish, right this second, what would it be?\"

Adam looked at Elle with surprise. He wasn't expecting such an honest question.

The rest of the room groaned. \"We should have known she would go easy on him.\"

But, as a shock to the entire room, Adam didn't answer. He simply picked up his glass and downed the drink in one swift movement.

The room exploded. All of them laughing and cheering and wondering what on earth Adam Hayes would wish for that he wouldn't say out loud.

\"It's definitely something dirty. It has to be.\" The guys teased.

\"Don't drag him down to your level Michael. He probably just wanted to give Elle the win.\" Another girl said.

But no matter what they said or asked, Adam wouldn't say anything more. He simply watched Elle's stunned expression with amusement.

If Elle could only see what she looked like to Adam in that moment, she wouldn't be forced to guess at what secret thing he was wishing for.

\"Alright, alright. I concede. It's Elle's win tonight.\" Marcus said finally, getting up from the floor. \"There's only a little while longer until midnight. Why don't we go up to the rooftop and wait for the fireworks to start?\"

With the alcohol they consumed keeping them warm, they all left behind their coats and made their way up to the large rooftop patio.

Adam and Elle trailed behind the rest of the group on their way up the stairs. The refreshing yet chilly air reminded Elle of last new years eve. They had gone up to a different rooftop that night to see the fireworks. It was where Adam and Elle had their first kiss.

Elle felt her face flush at the memory. It seemed that Adam had similar thoughts in his mind; as the others all crowded around the far end of the rooftop to get a view of the city below them, Adam pulled Elle to the side, to where the entrance to the rooftop would hide them from view of the others.

\"Why are you looking at me like that?\" Elle asked teasingly, as she wrapped her arms around Adam's neck.

\"How am I looking at you?\" Adam asked, pressing her body flat against the wall behind them.

\"Your words are light but your eyes are serious. Do you know how seductive it is when you look at me like that?\"

\"If it wasn't to seduce you do you think I'd be this serious?\"

\"You've succeeded.\" Elle murmured before pressing her lips against his.

Unlike last year, this year's kisses weren't soft and gentle. They were deep and rushed.

\"Slow down.\" Elle gasped. But Adam was unrelenting.

Elle couldn't tell if it was seconds or minutes passing by. None of it mattered. Time, their friends, the world around them, all of it was forgotten. The only thing that remained was him. His strong shoulders, his gentle hands. Well, him and one question that had been nagging at Elle.

\"What was your answer to the question earlier? What was the wish you would have made?\" Elle asked between kisses.

\"You want to know?\" Adam asked, flashing her a teasing smile.


\"Are you sure you really want to know?\"

\"What's gotten into you?\" Elle laughed. \"You're not normally this silly.\"

\"You first. What would you wish for, if you could wish for anything?\"

\"What is there to wish for? I already have your entire person. Isn't that being greedy enough?\" Elle answered honestly.

\"Do you mean it?\"

\"Of course. Now you.\" She demanded.

\"Do you have any idea how beautiful you looked all night long?\" Adam asked instead. \"Do you know how enchanting it is to watch you laugh, with your eyes bright and your face flushed. Do you know how much happiness it gives me to know that you're mine? I've only ever had one wish, to spend every second by your side for the rest of my life.\"

Elle was stunned silent.

\"Do you mean it?\" She finally asked. Was it really okay for her to trust in those words.

\"Of course. As long as your by my side I don't need anything else.\"

Elle got on her tiptoes to kiss him softly, her body melting into his. \"If it's a lie, you better be able to guarantee, that you can lie to me for the rest of your life.\"

It was a long time before Adam and Elle finally rejoined their friends. Neither of them were sure if their absence was noticed. Frankly, neither of them cared.

As she watched the fireworks illuminate the sky from the warmth of Adam's embrace, Elle was filled with gratitude to have spent the past year by his side. She was determined now, to make the most of the coming year as well.