Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 178

175 Final Preparations
It was past midnight on a cold February night and Adam was laying in bed, feeling unsettled. He tried to close his eyes and fall asleep many times but couldn't. He looked to his right at Elle's side of the bed. Even at this late hour of the night it remained empty.

For weeks now Elle and Adam had been working together to finalize all the preparations for the filming. They looked at everything with the greatest scruteny and it was only after thorough consideration that they decided on any details; big or small. Even the makeup artists were chosen after hours and hours of research.

Finally everything was ready. The cast and crew had been hard at work with their own preparations. The table reads and practices had already began. In a few days MK would be holding a party to commemorate the start of the filming and a week from that was set to be the first day of filming.

It was a nervewrecking process for Elle, Adam knew. He recalled how Elle had spent weeks fussing over the script, working back and forth with the script writers until she finally approved. He hadn't intervened then. He understood the importance of it to Elle, and gave her the space to do her own job well even though it meant not seeing her for many days. But he had thought that that would be the worst of it. That when all the decisions had been made and there was nothing left for them to do but wait, that she would naturally be less busy. He was wrong.

Adam glanced between the empty spot in the bed and the clock before finally pulling back his own sheets.

"This won't do." He mumbled as he got out of bed.

Elle had spent the past several hours in Adam's study, clattering away on the computer. They hadn't moved in together yet, despite Elle's invitation for it. Having her own place was very useful during the busy weeks of preparations, even though it meant spending many nights away from Adam.

He had invited her to stay at his condo tonight, and Elle had happily agreed. But once they arrived at home Elle wasn't able to sit still. Adam had offered her his study for her to use and she had been cooped up in it ever since, not realizing as the hours went by. Adam stood in the doorway of the study now, watching as Elle worked away.

The one thing Adam did enjoy about all this was that he got to see a different side of her. It was his first time getting to see Elle at work. He got to see her serious expression as she worked on something. Got to notice the way her brow furrowed every so slightly and her eyes squinted when she was concentrating on something in particular.

He also got to see the way she bit her lip when she was looking at something that worried her. It was the expression she had on now.

A knock startled Elle, bringing her out of her thoughts. She looked up and saw Adam leaning against the doorway.

"Did I scare you?" Adam asked. "I didn't mean to."

"No, that's fine. How long have you been standing there?"

"Just for a minute." Adam replied. "What are you looking at?"

"The shooting locations." Elle said, letting out a sigh and leaning back in her seat.

They hadn't selected any foreign locations, but they had selected a few different spots around the country for filming. Once the crew had narrowed down the options Elle and Adam had gone to each location themselves to scout and make the final decisions. It had already been decided and yet Elle couldn't sit still, and was now busy doing research to see if there were any better options that had been overlooked.

Adam walked over to Elle and gently began massaging her shoulders.

"I know you're worried. This project is like a child to you, it's only natural. But the crew we selected are highly competent. We even made all of the final decisions ourselves. There's no use in fussing over them now. We only have a few more days before filming will begin. You should take this opportunity to rest. Otherwise you'll end up burning yourself up."

Adam's lecture was soft and soothing. It didn't feel like a lecture at all.

"Okay." Elle agreed numbly. "You're right."

Adam reached forward and shut the laptop screen. "Come, let's go to bed."

Elle allowed him to take her hand and lead her back to the bedroom.

"I almost forgot to ask if you're finished preparing." Elle asked as they walked into the bedroom.

Adam was leaving tomorrow to go on a business trip. It would only last three days, but it meant he would only arrive on the same day as the filming launch party. It also meant they wouldn't be able to meet for three days.

"I'm almost done. Everything's packed, there's just one thing left to do."

"Oh? What's that?"

"Have a good night's sleep with my girlfriend." Adam teased, he bent over to scoop her up in his arms and toss her softly into the bed.

Elle laughed and felt herself relax for the first time in many days. It wasn't long after getting in bed that they both drifted off to sleep.