Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 18

17 Dinner For Two

Adam pulled over outside of Tae's headquarters. He sat quietly in his car, watching as people entered and exited the building. After waiting for about ten minutes Adam felt foolish. What was he doing? What were the odds that she was even here?

Adam started the engine and was about to return to MK when he saw her come out of the building. She was bundled up in the same black cotton trench coat she wore yesterday, with her hair in a high ponytail, and classic black heels on.

Adam didn't know what was more unbelievable; the fact the he had sat outside of the building waiting for a stranger, or that she had actually appeared.

Elle was walking to a caf just down the block. As the holiday's approached Tae was entering one of it's busiest seasons. Everyone was working late hours, and she had decided to take a break and grab a quick coffee.

As she was walking she noticed a car pull up beside her. For a brief moment she felt unsettled, but then she saw Adam Hayes sitting in the driver's seat.

He rolled the window down, "Good afternoon." He greeted.

"Good afternoon." She replied with a smile.

"Are you going somewhere?" He asked.

"I was just going to get some coffee."

"Have you eaten yet?"

"No." Elle said slowly, confused by his questioning.

"Perfect, get in."

"I beg your pardon?" She asked, truly confused now.

"Consider it a favour. I need to confirm the restaurant for MK's new years dinner, but David cannot accompany me today."

"I don't think I can be much help to you."

"I only need you to tell me if you like the food or not. Surely you can do that much."

Elle was considering what to do when Adam spoke up.

"I'm Adam Hayes." He said, for once feeling like his position came in handy. "Can you afford to say no to me?"

He sounded serious, and his face was stern, but something in his eyes told Elle it was a joke, and something in her heart told her to just get in. So she agreed and climbed into the passenger seat.

Adam was pleased as he drove her to the restaurant. It wasn't a complete lie. In a meeting today the planning team for MK's new years' dinner had suggested this restaurant for the event and Adam had to approve the choice. He usually didn't pay much attention to the choice of restaurant, and went along with whatever his employees had requested. Tonight, however, he decided he ought to sample the restaurant for himself.

When they got to the restaurant the wait staff immediately showed them into a private room.

"Do you always eat in private rooms?" Elle asked as they sat down. The room was much too large for just two people to eat in, but the staff didn't seem to mind. MK wasn't even involved in the food industry, and yet he still got first class service. Elle couldn't help think it must be nice to be Adam Hayes.

"The media can be irritating." Was all he said.

So he doesn't want to be photographed having dinner with me? Elle wondered.

A waitress brought them two menus. It was an authentic Chinese restaurant, and as Elle looked through the menu she couldn't quite decide on anything. Everything looked so good.

While Elle delved all her attention into the menu, looking at each dish carefully, Adam was watching her with a small smile.

"Do you have any preferences?" He asked.

"Not really." Elle replied honestly.

"Then let me order for the both of us."

Elle agreed. When the waitress returned Adam put in an order for several items. Elle was surprised to hear him order so much. But I suppose it is normal if he's trying to decide on a restaurant for a company dinner. She reasoned.

Adam finished ordering, and the waitress collected the menu's and left the room. He looked up and saw Elle looking around the room. She had a spark in of wonder in her eyes as she looked about.

Adam couldn't help but feel drawn by them. Her eyes had a clarity to them that Adam had never seen before. The people around him were in-genuine. They would smile at him in hopes of getting his favour, but no one ever revealed their true thoughts.

On the other hand, this girl, didn't need to say anything at all. Her eyes seemed to reflect everything she felt without restraint.

"Is something wrong?" Elle asked when she noticed Adam's gaze.


Elle was trying to think of what to say to him, she didn't want to endure an entire meal in awkward silence. While she was contemplating she received a call on her phone. It was from one of the managers in her department.

She excused herself and went to the bathroom to return the call.

"Where are you Director Shaw?" The manager asked, obviously trying to conceal their irritation.

"Something urgent came up. If there's anything I need to attend to you can make a note of it, I'll take care of it in the morning."

Meanwhile, in the private room Adam was smiling to himself he had found his model.