Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 2

1 Adam Hayes

"Good morning, sir." Everyone greeted as their CEO walked past.

Adam was young for his position, he was only 27, tall, and handsome with only one flaw; his cold and unapproachable air.

"Good morning, sir." His assistant greeted as he entered his office.

Adam sat at his desk, looked at the mountain of paperwork in front of him, and let out a sigh. Since he inherited the business from his father the company had undergone many changes to become more modern and high functioning. As a result, his workload seemed to double from one day to the next.

"Most of the paperwork are approvals you need to sign, the rest are project proposals, and a few reports." His assistant informed him.

The CEO nodded. "And what about meetings?" he asked.

"You only have one scheduled meeting today with the marketing team regarding the upcoming product launch."

"Is there an issue?"

"The model who was supposed to wear the main jewellery piece has some health issues. She's fine, but won't be able to attend. The marketing department are struggling to find a replacement."

The CEO's eyes narrowed. If the marketing team couldn't even find a replacement on their own what was he paying them for? "If that's all you can leave." He said, dismissing his assistant.

"Sir, there's one more thing." The assistant said nervously.

"What is it?"

"There is an event you need to attend tonight."

Adam looked at his assistant with cold eyes. Everyone knew that he barely attended events, so who was so important that he had to give them face and show up?

"It's the mayor's birthday today." The assistant said hurriedly. "The mayor helped HK with many bids in the past, I think it's important to attend.

Adam acknowledged that for the mayor even he would have to go. "Fine. Arrange a suitable gift for me to take."

"Yes, sir." The assistant rushed out of the room.

Adam leaned back in his chair for a moment, looking out at the clear blue sky. For a moment he felt a calmness, only for a moment. Then he turned his attention to the mountain of paperwork, and set to work, reducing it one sheet at a time.