Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 20

19 Preparing For A Night Ou

The next day everyone was surprised as Adam arrived at the office. Although his face was expressionless as always, the air around him seemed much calmer. Was he in a good mood?

David walked into the office with the usual stack of documents, but today Adam did not glare at them.

"Did something good happen sir?" David asked hesitantly.

"Not really." He said lightly. "By the way, let the planning team know I approve the restaurant that was suggested for the New Year's dinner. They can go ahead with their preparations."

"Okay." David was confused as he left his bosses office. He was clearly in a good mood today, but what had happened? After careful consideration David decided it was best not to question it, and simply enjoy the rare moment while it lasted instead.

Meanwhile, in his office, Adam sat brooding over his phone. He decided last night that he wanted Elle to model for MK's event. He couldn't quite put it into words, but in her eyes he had seen the clarity that he had been searching for.

The main issue now was the fact that Elle wasn't a model. He would have to ask her to do the event, but how? Adam felt like he couldn't simply ask her over a text message. Based on her personality she would refuse for sure. He would have to gradually build up to it, but how? Adam had no idea how to go about it.

In the end, a few days passed without any interactions between the two.

One morning, a little over a week later, David entered Adam's office.

"Sir I wanted to remind you that Mr. Carter is hosting a birthday party for his daughter tomorrow. Will you be attending?" He asked.

Mr. Carter was a friend of his father's, but Adam didn't have much of a relationship with the family himself. He was about to decline when a thought crossed his mind. The Carter's were in the cosmetic industry so it was likely Elle would be there. Adam had yet to think of a way to convince her to model for the event, this could be his chance.

"I'll go." He said in the end.


The next evening Elle stood at her vanity, slowly getting ready. The weather was getting colder, and in response Elle had picked a long smokey grey evening gown. The dress had long sleeves, an embellished bodice that hugged her figure, and a high waist from where the skirt softly flowed out.

She had straightened her black hair and left it out. It was glossy and sleek, and fell halfway down her back. Elle applied a deep red lipstick that popped against the monochrome appearance of the grey dress, her black hair, and her fair skin.

Once she was satisfied she went downstairs where her father, and his son Jacob, were waiting. Initially Elle only had to deal with the other family members inside the house but recently her father had begun bringing Jacob along to more occasions. Although he hadn't announced his marriage yet he seemed to slowly be introducing his son within their social circles.

Elle didn't say a word to either of them as they boarded the car. Although it was only natural that her father would bring Jacob along, Elle couldn't deny that it made her uncomfortable. Her only reprieve was in knowing that Abby would be at the party as well.

Meanwhile Adam, who had stayed at the office late, was also preparing to leave. He didn't bother returning home to change, and simply wore the same navy blue suit he had worn to work that day.

On his way to the party he stopped at his parent's house.

Adam's mother had been feeling lethargic due to the cold weather and didn't want to attend the party. His father decided to stay at home as well to accompany her, but he was also friends with Mr. Carter. Although they weren't particularly close, he had seen Sarah a few times as she was growing up. Since he wouldn't attend he prepared a gift for Adam to take.

"You know I heard that Sarah is still single." His mother said as Adam was leaving the house.

"I heard it's not good to stick your nose in other people's business." Adam said pointedly.

His mother smacked his arm softly. "Drive safely." She grumbled.