Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 25

24 A Man Who Was Gentle Only To Her

The next day was a weekend. Adam awoke at dawn, as always. He got dressed and went out to the private track course behind the luxury condo he lived in. Adam preferred to go jogging early in the morning, when no one else would be out yet, so he could enjoy having the entire course to himself. After an hour he returned to his condo and showered before fixing himself breakfast.

His mother often pestered him to keep some staff so that he wouldn't have to cook and clean for himself, but Adam preferred things this way. He enjoyed the solitude of living alone. But his solitude would be cut short today; Adam had promised his mother he would go to the main house for lunch.

Adam prepared a light breakfast of toast and fruits knowing his mother would prepare a feast, and force him to eat more food then humanly possible.

The television was turned on and a news channel was playing while he ate, but Adam didn't pay it any attention. Instead he was busy staring at his phone. His chat with Elle was open, and Adam was gazing at the simple "goodnight" she had sent him.

Was it too soon to ask her again? Would she dislike that he asked her over text instead of in person? But who knew when the next time he saw her would even be. These were the thoughts that plagued his mind while he ate.

Meanwhile, Elle, who had had a restless night, was reluctant to get out of bed the next morning. Even after waking up she refused to get out of her warm and cozy bed. It was only when her stomach started grumbling that she finally threw the sheets back and got up.

After a quick shower she headed downstairs for breakfast. Everyone in the house ate at their own leisure, and by the time she got downstairs everyone else had already finished eating. She threw together a quick plate of eggs and toast and took it back up to her room.

Elle had never been one to sit down at family meals. Even when her mother was alive, everyone had conflicting schedules so it was rare that they ever sat for a meal together. But ever since her father's new family had moved in she would avoid eating at the table, even if it was by herself. She hated being in communal areas of the house in general. Elle didn't like the risk that she would have to run into any of them.

When she got to her room she sat at the desk and opened her laptop, casually browsing through popular news websites as she ate.

Once she finished eating she decided to open her novel and go through the comments. Recently she hadn't been posting often, and even when she did she would only post a sentence or two at a time. As she expected many of the comments were complaints.

Some requested she post more often, others wanted longer updates. The one thing everyone agreed on was that her recent updates were too melancholy, and as usual they all wanted some romance.

Elle had never told anyone about her novel, not even Abby. It had started as a simple hobby, but the popularity for it was so high that she ended up continuing it much longer than she had ever intended to. Due to the popularity each of her updates had hundreds of comments, and Elle spent the better part of two hours going through them. As she was reading she got a text message from Adam.

"Won't you reconsider?" He asked.

Elle obviously knew what he was alluding too. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Mr. Hayes, but I think it's best you use someone else for your event." She replied. Elle waited for a moment but Adam didn't continue the conversation any further.

Elle still couldn't believe he had even asked her to be a model for MK in the first place. The events of last night in general were so bizarre, Elle felt as if it was all just some strange dream. But of course, she now had a text message to prove it wasn't.

It was true that Elle didn't have any interest in working for MK, but unbeknownst to Adam, he had given her something even more valuable than a job with MK. Perhaps the best thing to come out of the night was a piece of her conversation with him. Elle recalled, with a warm smile, the way Adam had said 'If you don't want to say that's fine, but don't think you can fool me so easily.'

It was only a simple phrase, but to Elle it was priceless. Adam had said it to her softly but his demeanour was stern. He was letting her know that he could see through her without being overbearing. After hearing that phrase coupled with his disposition, and after months of having writers block, Elle finally knew what type of character she wanted to write as a love interest.

With a smile still on her face she assumed the mindset of her character Rina and set to work typing, writing about a man who was gentle only to her.