Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 26

25 Family Lunch 1

While Elle had still been going through the comments of her previous updates , Adam had just arrived at his parent's house.

"Welcome back young master." The housekeeper greeted as he came in.

"Where is my mother?"

"The madam is in the kitchen." The housekeeper said politely as she took his coat.

"And my father?"

"In the study."

Adam nodded and went up to his father's study. He didn't dare to bother his mother while she was cooking.

When Adam entered the study he saw that his father was sitting in front of his computer, immersed by whatever was on the screen. He was so engrossed that he didn't notice Adam come in. Adam approached him quietly and looked over his father's shoulder at the computer screen.

Several tabs were open, all of them appeared to be media reports about MK's upcoming launch event.

"Worried about the event, father?"

The elder Mr. Hayes jumped in his seat. He hurriedly tried to close the tabs even though Adam had already seen everything. "I'm not worried." His father grumbled.

"Then how do explain this?" Adam asked, amused.

"I was just curious. It's my own company yet you never report anything to me, how else am I supposed to find out about the event?"

Adam sat down across from his father with a smirk on his face. "Is that so."

"How are things going?"

"I'm doing quite well. A bit tired, but that's to be expected."

"I mean for the event." His father muttered.

"I know." Adam said with a small smile. "I found the replacement model. She's even better than the one we had signed originally."

"Good. Good." His father said, relieved to hear that things were progressing well.

"All the other preparations are ahead of schedule; I just need to get her to sign with us."

His father frowned. "She hasn't signed yet?"

"No, she declined when I initially asked." Adam replied honestly.

"How is it possible that you can't get a model to sign with us? If I knew you were this incompetent I wouldn't have left MK to you." His father griped.