Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 28

27 Meeting

Adam called for a meeting as soon as he got to work the next morning. This time it wasn't just for the directors, it was a meeting for all upper and middle management involved with the jewellery launch.

Everyone entered the meeting room anxiously. Having a meeting that was called on such short notice and with this many staff members involved had to be bad news for them. The marketing director, Mr. Williams, was sweating in his seat. His department still hadn't found a suitable replacement. He was sure he would be getting an earful today.

Suzy was the only staff member who seemed happy to be there. She assumed that the meeting was a result of Adam's desperation. She was planning to use this opportunity to put Emma forward for the replacement again. The event was fast approaching, surely after considering how little time they had left Adam would agree to use her suggestion. Unfortunately for her, Suzy was about to be let down.

"Good morning everyone," Adam greeted as he entered the room. "Thank you all for attending on such short notice."

The staff members looked at each other in surprise. Not only was Adam not in a bad mood, he actually seemed to be a bit cheerful. As cheerful as he could be that is.

"I have some changes to make to the event, they're only minor changes, but if you have any questions or concerns this is the time for you to voice them." Adam continued.

Everyone listened with great anticipation. They could already imagine the workload Adam was about to drop on them. But as they listened they were pleased. Adam's proposal would add almost no extra work, and would also create more intrigue at their event. Adam waited patiently for any complaints or concerns, but there were none.

Suzy was very pleased with the additions to the event; for the most part Adam's proposal only added additional work for the design team. Their work for the event had finished with the completion of the jewellery pieces, so it was no trouble to have a few additional preparations added. In her mind Suzy imagined that Adam trusted her very much to leave the work to her.

"It's a very good idea sir." Suzy complimented. "But I do have one concern regarding the event."

"What is it?"

"Well we still haven't been able to find a replacement for the model of our main piece" Suzy trailed off.

Mr. Williams scowled at her. The meeting had been going so well for him. By bringing this up, Suzy was essentially throwing him under the bus. Although her work in design was good, everyone in the room could tell that her main motive was always to impress Adam.

Mr. Williams tensed in anticipation of a lecture that didn't come. Instead of criticizing him Adam simply announced, "None of you need to concern yourself with that anymore. I've found a replacement."

Williams let out a huge sigh of relief. After weeks of stress and anxiety he finally had some reprieve. He didn't care who the model was, or what they looked like. As long as he didn't have to look through any more profiles, he was satisfied. And of course if it was a model that Adam had personally chosen there was no way they would be unsatisfactory.

Suzy did not take the news nearly as well. She felt her heart drop as she heard the words. "Who is the replacement?" She asked, somewhat agitated.

"You don't need to worry about that Director Miller." Adam said. "The marketing department can take of the details; the design department only needs to focus on finishing their additional tasks well."

Suzy clenched her jaw, "Yes, sir."

"If there are no other concerns then you can all get back to work." Adam said, dismissing the team.