Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 29

28 Humiliated And Irate

Adam left first, walking swiftly out of the meeting room. David followed close behind. The other staff members slowly began filing out as well. As he was walking out Mr. Williams noticed Suzy still sitting in her seat with a bitter look on her face.

"Is something wrong Director Miller?" He asked.

"Doesn't it bother you that Mr. Hayes chose a model without consulting the marketing department?" She asked, pretending she was upset on his behalf. "You guys have been working tirelessly searching for someone to meet his demanding standards, and yet he chose a model and didn't even notify you."

Williams' eyes narrowed. "Do you not trust Mr. Hayes' judgement?"

There were still a few staff members in the room, they all listened silently, eager to hear Suzy's reply. Depending on her answer, she might not last at MK much longer.

Suzy blushed as she heard the director's accusing tone of voice. "It's not that I don't trust his judgement, I just feel it's a little unfair. After all, you have all been working so tirelessly."

Mr. Williams let out a sigh. "You're still young so I'll pretend I didn't hear anything this time, but you should be careful going forward. It's true that we've been working hard, but we've been working hard with no results. Mr. Hayes is our boss. He has every right to make this decision by himself. The way I see it, he just saved my department another week's worth of work."

"I'm not criticizing the decision." Suzy insisted.

"Maybe not. But the only reason you're upset is because that your recommendation didn't get chosen, and everyone knows it."

Suzy clenched her fist, her long nails dug into her palms. "Yes, sir." She muttered.

Williams didn't say anything more, and left the conference room, the other staff members followed. Eventually Suzy was left in the meeting room alone.

It was true, she was only upset because her plan to stand out in front of Adam had failed. Not only was her plan unsuccessful, but now she was also left to break the bitter news to Emma. Feeling remorseful Suzy texted her friend.

'Hey Emma, why don't we go out for lunch today? It will be my treat.'

Emma had been waiting to hear that she had been selected for several days now. After all Suzy had all but guaranteed that she would be chosen. Seeing the text Emma replied quickly, anticipating that Suzy had good news for her.

'That sounds wonderful. I'll come pick you up at noon.'

Suzy thought she could have a nice lunch with her friend, and then break the news to her softly, but as soon as they finished ordering Emma immediately began pestering her.

"Did you guys finally finish the deliberations? Have I been chosen?" She asked eagerly.

"Why don't we finish eating first?" Suzy said sullenly. "Let's save the business talk for later."

"Oh come on. You've kept me waiting for so long now, we're here to celebrate aren't we? Just tell me."

Suzy's chest tightened. She was regretful that she had spent the past few days assuring Emma she would get chosen.

"Well you see" Suzy began, unsure of how to break the news. "Adam actually found a model on his own, so unfortunately you weren't selected this time."

Emma was in shocked into silence. After all Suzy had led her to believe this was a sure thing. "What do you mean?" She asked eventually.

Suzy sighed. "It's unfortunate, but Adam informed us this morning that he already found someone. MK will definitely consider you in the future."

"That's it?" Emma asked, enraged. "Do you know how many jobs I've turned down in preparation for this?"

"I never told you that we would sign you for certain." Suzy said in her defence.

"No." Emma snapped. "You just let me believe it."

"Where are you going." Suzy asked as she watched Emma get up and put her coat on.

Emma threw a few bills onto the table. "This is for my share. I'm leaving, you can take a cab back."

Suzy waited until Emma was out of sight, then she slammed the table angrily. Everything had been going so well until now. Sitting in the restaurant by herself, humiliated and irate, Suzy cursed the woman that ruined her plans.