Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 3

2 Elle Shaw

Elle sat at her computer for most of that afternoon, staring at a blank page. Eventually she gave up on trying to write anything and stared out her window at the clear blue sky. It gave her a rare feeling of calmness.

A knock at the door brought her out of her thoughts. "Yes?" She called out coldly.

Her father poked his head into her room. "The mayor's birthday dinner is tonight. We'll be leaving in a few hours."

"I know." She said without raising her eyes to look at him. Her father left without noticing anything wrong with her behaviour.

Her mother had passed away a few years ago, and her father had remarried. With a new wife and son in the house Elle was pushed to the side. Her father owned one of the country's most popular perfume companies, and to society she was still his heir, but in the house she no longer mattered.

Her father wasn't cruel, but he obviously didn't love her much. Every spare second he was home was spent with his new family. A family who never spoke to or acknowledged Elle. She, for the most part, kept to herself. No one seemed to notice that she had slowly begun to shut herself away.

Writing became her escape. Elle was writing a Wuxiaworld under the pen name Elara. The book was about a girl, like her, with a sad past and a heavy heart. But in her book a happy ending was waiting. The only problem was that Elle was having writer's block.

Her character's life was slowly turning around as she rose to fame as a popular actress. Elle's problem was that she didn't know what should come next.

The girl in her story had yet to meet a man who could move her heart, and this was what the readers were demanding. But what type of man would compliment the main character? Elle didn't know. She'd tried for a week now to write something romantic yet realistic, but she was failing miserably.

In the story the main character, Rina, kept an electronic diary. The novel took place through these diary entries. With a somberness in her heart, one she often felt after speaking with her father, Elle wrote a simple two-line entry and posted it.

"It's 2 a.m. and I'm all alone with nothing but a bottle and my loneliness to keep me company. In a moment like this I can't help but feel that there's something wrong with me."