Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapter 30

29 Third Times The Charm 1

Elle yawned for the third time in the past ten minutes. While Adam was in a meeting with his managers Elle was in a meeting of her own. She noticed one of the managers beside her throw her a dirty look as yet another yawn overtook her.

Normally she might feel a bit embarrassed, but this budgeting meeting had been dragging on for almost two hours now. Elle felt as though she might live her whole life trapped within the grey walls of the meeting room.

The whole time she was itching to pull out her phone. Elle finally wrote about a romantic interest in her novel, but she hadn't had a chance to look through the comments yet. She had finally given the readers what they wanted, she imagined the comment section would be full of excitement. Elle smiled to herself while thinking about it.

The last few updates had been downhearted, and reflected her own unhappiness, so she hadn't cared to read the comments then. For the first time in a long time Elle was enthusiastic about her writing.


Meanwhile, Adam was spending the rest of his afternoon with the marketing department. They were meticulously going through the details of the new contract and making various arrangements.

"Who is the model sir?" The director asked Adam. "Once we've finished preparing the contract we can pass it along to their manager."

"Don't worry about that." Adam said, avoiding the question. "Once the contract is completed you can send it to me directly. I will review it and take it over to be signed myself."

The director could tell that Adam was deliberately not answering the question. This led him to believe his suspicions were true; that the model Adam had found was a personal contact. In another company this might have upset the director, after all using inside connections usually indicated a lack of talent. However, since the other person involved was Adam Hayes, Mr. Williams had nothing to worry about. No matter what the relationship was, there is no way Adam would hire anyone incompetent.

So Director Williams kept his mouth shut, and didn't say anything further on the matter.

Once Adam was content with all the arrangements he sent a message to David. In a rare occurrence Adam would be leaving work early.

He went straight to his car, got in, and set off, driving in the opposite direction of his condo. When he finally reached his destination Adam turned off the engine, but didn't exit the car. Instead he pulled out his cell phone and sent a message.

'Good evening.' He wrote.


The never ending meeting had finished some time ago. Elle was now sitting in her office revising a marketing proposal. Time really wasn't her friend today. Every time she looked at the clock it seemed to move slower and slower.

In truth, Elle was only in a hurry to get home so she could read through the comments on her latest update. Since her father had reprimanded her about her work ethic not too long ago she didn't dare do it during work hours.

While she was in the middle of debating whether it was late enough for it to be suitable for her to leave work, she received Adam's message.

'Good evening.' She replied.

'Are you still at work?'


'Is it convenient for you to leave now?'

'Why do you ask?' Elle asked suspiciously.

'I'm downstairs.'

Without waiting to find out what he was here for Elle started packing up. 'I'll be down in five minutes.' She told him. She didn't care what he was here for, she only cared that it gave her the opportunity to leave.

There were only two other staff members still in the department when Elle was making her way out.

"I have a dinner meeting so I'll be leaving first." she announced. In her mind it wasn't exactly a lie, she assumed Adam wanted to go to dinner again. But that wasn't exactly what he had in mind.